Monday, June 15, 2015

RSWrite Week 1 Update

The first week of 2015 Ready. Set. Write!  is complete!!

Thanks to my lovely babysitter I was able to get some writing and editing done, and sent off the revised Chapters 1-5 of my YA sci-fi (the cyborg beekeeper one) to my agent, which is awesome and yet nerve-wracking. Hopefully he doesn't hate them!

How I did on my goals: Success-ishness!

Finish new scenes for Chapters 1-5 of YA sci-fi: 

Read one fun book: ✔ 

Read one research book:   *sorta: I ended up needing to quickly beta read two things, so I only got 50% of the way through my 'research book' { which is Laline Paull's "The Bees" in case you were curious ;) }

Post reviews of last five books I've read:   *sorta: I realized I'd already posted Amazon/GR reviews for most of them, so I added the one that I read this week. I don't often post full reviews on my blog, but tomorrow I'll be posting mini reviews of some of my favorite recent contemporary reads!

Plan edits for Chapters 6-15 of YA sci-fi   *sorta: Basically I determined that there aren't any major edits to these chapters, but that I need to try to tighten up scenes and do another line edit to reduce word count. I always write too much!!!  D..:

Gaols for Week 2:

Lol. Totally typo'd that heading, but I'm leaving it cause it's too funny XD

Edit Chapters 6-11 of YA sci-fi. 
Read one fun book
Complete at least two beta reads that are in my queue
Start a new research book ("The Bees" is a really fun story, but not as helpful for me, research-wise)
Plan edits for chapters 12-18 of YA sci-fi

A favorite line from my story OR a word/phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised:

"The stupid part was, they were kind of important."

This is both I guess: a line that I wrote, and also a summary of how I felt about my revisions this week. 'Cause yeah, I think they were important even though I started them somewhat begrudingly.

The biggest challenge I faced this week:

Oh just feeling pulled in a million directions like always. Blog posts to be written, editing to be done, beta things to read, research books, other books, edits, new stories ... the pull of Twitter ;) ... it all gets overwhelming sometimes! Also I'm still trying to find my place here in this city as a new mom (or "mum" as they call it here). Few of our friends here have young ones and that has drastically challenged our social life, which is hard on me emotionally from time to time. I've no idea why some weeks it feels more difficult than others, it just does, ya know?


  1. "cyborg beekeeper." I don't need to know anymore, I'm sold on this book already!

    Good luck with your goals this week!

  2. The pull of twitter gets me more often than I want to admit to myself. GL defeating it this week!

  3. "...Pulled in a million directions like always." I can totally relate to this, especially this past week. It's so tough to focus when you have so many things to get done, isn't it. Sounds like you have a very successful week though, so that's great! I hear you on the wordy thing. That's totally me too. Which makes revisions loads of fun. ;-) Hope this is another great week!

  4. Success-ishness is still some success, so congratulations on your successish first week. What fun book did you read? (I was going to ask about the research book, but then you said.) Moving and finding a new place among new friends is always, always difficult, and how to create a new, fulfilling social life can be so overwhelming. You'll find your place, of course, but I hope this week feels better than last week, still.

  5. That's a lot to juggle and considering everything you've got done, I said it's even more impressive! :) You're doing great! Cheering you on for next week and crossing my fingers your agent loves what you've sent him!

  6. Moving can be so hard! I've sort of had the opposite but same social effect; many good friends have moved away--all good reasons like jobs and family. I wish I had those friends I can call up in a flash and go hang out, though the reality of Adulting (jobs, kids) makes that hard anyway. We did a campfire and burgers with some friends at their house Friday night and it was so fun. Just a day's notice, their house was full with kids running wild, and it was great. I like it when we dont need months to plan :)

    Best wishes with writing this week!

  7. Ha! Love that the line you share is two-fold, Carissa. Sounds like you did pretty excellent with your goals this week. Best of luck with them in the coming week!

  8. I have young kids too. I'm amazed at how much you've accomplished. It's so hard to think, let alone work, with young children. Good job on your accomplishments!

  9. Great job on meeting your goals! I hope your agent likes your chapters! Sorry about feeling pulled in so many directions, I can totally relate. Have a great week!

  10. I totally feel you on the baby thing. When we were in Seattle we had several friends with babies right around our son's age, but he was still so tiny they never really played or anything. It was still nice to commiserate. Now we're in Virginia and I have fewer friends with similar age children, and the ones we have are perpetually busy, which sucks because he's finally at the age where he'd be a good playdate buddy! Alas. I'm sure it's even harder in a foreign country. Sorry you're dealing with that!

    Good luck on your goals this week! :)

  11. Congrats on getting the edited first five chapters to your agent. I imagine that must be nerve-wracking. And it sounds like you have a busy plate with all those edits and beta-reads and reviews and keeping track of a kid.... Keep up the good work. :-)

  12. Pulled in a million directions? I know NOTHING about that, LOL. :)

    But it sounds like you were able to accomplish a lot in spite of that so go you! I hope next week is just as productive!

  13. Where are you living? England? We just got back from living in Rwanda for two years and it was such a tough thing for me. I felt like I had more time to write because I had no one to hang out with, but it was emotionally draining. I hope you find a few people you can relate to and form your niche wherever you are! Congrats on all your hard work this week!

  14. I struggle with being word-y too. I feel like a lot of scenes I write could be shorty if I could just get to the point and not use so many words. You did great this week. Good luck with revisions and the rest of your goals!

  15. Good luck! Sort of for most is way better than nada! Keep it up!

  16. Lots of awesome goals! :D Keep it up! I'm also editing and cutting words. It's not bad yet it takes so long. XD My 12 page quotes takes me 2-3 hours.



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