Saturday, June 27, 2015

Announcement: I'm a #pg70pit Co-Host!

Have you heard that I'm a Co-Host for the new pitch contest in town?
Concocted by the fabulous Lara Willardthe contest is called:


... and it's not your normal pitch contest. 

As the name implies, you will not be submitting your Twitter Pitch, or your Query, or your first 250. No, we're digging deeper into your book. What we really want to see is your Page 70.

Other cool thing about the contest? We're dividing up submissions by age category. That means each age bracket will get equal attention!

**Note: This contest is for completed manuscripts only **

The Details:

Submissions will open SOON (July 1st through 3rd, check below for the time slot for your MS' age category). After subs have closed, the slushies and co-hosts will make their recommendations and Lara will select the top 7 entries from each age category. Following this, us co-hosts will select 7 entries to "save." The winning entries and saves will be posted on our blogs on July 7th, at which point the agents will hop around and request material from the ones they love.

Really Lara has written up all the details very nicely on her webpage, so I'm just gonna point you in the right direction:

When to Submit:
     7/1 - MG manuscripts
     7/2 - YA manuscripts
     7/3 - Adult manuscripts

How/What/Where to Submit

*Sample* Submission Form (We're not open for subs yet)

Who's Deciding Your Fate?  Meet the Hosts, Co-Hosts, and Slushies

Who are the Agents?

I'm the MG Co-Host!

What does that mean? Well, for all you Middle Grade authors out there, it means:

 *I am in charge of your fate* duh duh duuuuuuuhhhh

Okay. Partially in charge. Okay, sorta have some say in a small part of it. Really what it means is:

I might fall in love with your MS! 
I might pick you for the agent round!

I don't have an #MSWL, but if I did one for MG it'd go something like this...

I love wildly imaginative or deeply moving MG contemporary. I adore thoughtful, precocious protagonists. I love adventure stories, preteen sleuths, atypical families, everyday mysteries, high fantasy, stories about kids of color. 

That said, I'm researching the #MSWLs of the participating agents, and those will be the things at the front of my mind as I read through the entries this week.

Want to know what I've found so far? I thought you might  ; )

Well stay tuned. That post is coming very, very soon.

** UPDATE: The #pg70pit combined agent MSWL is here! **

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