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Coordinator of  the Meetup Group: Mums Who Write - Sydney

This is a little bit about me, current Sydneysider, writer of YA novels, and Sustainability PhD. I'm working on a few books right now. My not-so-secret dream is that someday I might even become a published author!

Anika Shaw Photography
Born and raised in Western Washington, I spent most of my childhood running around the woods (in costume), reading books, and writing stories. My writing career came to a crashing halt when, at eight, some well-meaning editor at a class for young writers marked up my Oregon Trail story in red ink. Devastation ensued. I vowed I would never write another story again! And I didn't. At least not for awhile.

At twelve, I moved north to the beautiful and decreasingly remote Orcas Island, and I turned my energies to marine biology and non-fiction writing. In high school I decided I wanted to become . . . a teacher, an artist, a curriculum writer, an educational software designer, or perhaps just someone who lived in South America.

I continue to remain undecided as to what I want to be when I grow up, though it will hopefully involve writing and teaching. One thing I know for sure is that it certainly wont be just one thing. So far I've gotten my B.A. in Environmental Studies, an M.A. in Sustainability, and have worked as a waitress, curriculum designer, farm hand, trail maintenance crew member, and an environmental consultant/front desk assistant. 

My husband and I just moved from Tempe, Arizona where we lived in a really fantastic grad student community near ASU. It was sort of like a commune, but better. A lot more board games and a lot classier potlucks. And our amazing landlord let us plant a veggie garden and a fruit orchard in the courtyard!  There were 11 different kinds of fruit trees (count them, 11!) and every day I'd go outside to watch the little fruits grow. I so miss those little guys now. 

We recently relocated to probably the most amazing city I have ever lived in: Sydney, Australia. Now every morning I wake up to  the sound of white cockatoos and parakeets flying by my window and I wonder how I was lucky enough to end up here, even if it is only for a few years.

You can contact me at:  carissawritesthings (at) gmail (dot) com.

Photo Credit: Anika Shaw Photography


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