Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Distractinol # 2: Book Mapping

Today's dose of distractinol is 100% ubernerd. And that's what I like about it.
It is called: mindomo.comMindomo offers mind mapping, concept mapping, and brainstorming software online, for free. Usually I use software like this to do extremely boring PhD-ish things, but today I took advantage of it to make a map of some YA books I've read. I like to call it:

If you enjoyed [this book] you might like [that book]

I've only gotten through a bit of my Dystopian section, but here's a little preview:

So I know that I could just write a blog post or make a word document that says something like "Hey these books are similar, if you liked one, check the others out!" For example:

FEED, MT Anderson // AWAKEN, Katie Kacvinsky // BUMPED, Megan McCafferty
UGLIES, Scott Westerfeld // DIVERGENT, Veronica Roth
HUNGER GAMES, Suzanne Collins // BIRTHMARKED, Caragh O'Brien
MATCHED, Ally Condie // WITHER, Lauren DeStefano // DELERIUM, Lauren Oliver

But honestly, that's just no fun. Who is going to read that, when they can look at pretty pictures of book covers? Plus that took me no time at all to type up -- that's not an adequate dose of procrastination!

So in summary: mindomo is pretty fun, super nerdy and a big time waster, which is of course exactly what distractinol is for. 

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