Friday, February 3, 2012


To the person who left the gates open at the horse arena last night, thanks heaps! I've never really been in a horse showing arena (if that is what you call it), but from what I could see at 1:00am it looked very circusy and magical. There were lots strange things hanging from the ceiling and seats in the middle of the circle that I didn't understand but looked acrobaticky. If they don't already do horse shows at night, it's something that really something they should consider, 'cause I think they may have something there. Even Rob might go if the horses were wearing costumes with LED lighting. Well, ok maybe there would also need to be backflips and maybe some fire, but if there were those things, we'd definitely be back!

To the person who left the pallets leaning against the lamppost on the hill, I love you! Our arms are a little sore and my hands smell suspiciously like beer, but thankfully half a block down someone else had brought a shopping cart over from Randwick, so that helped a ton! I am hoping they will clean up nicely. I think Rob did a pre-wash last night. I can't really remember because after carrying the pallets up 3 stories (stupid elevatorless apartment, grr), I fell asleep on the living room floor. But eventually, I think they will clean up and hopefully de-waterlog quite nicely and we can have cool bookshelves and/or coffee table. Votes?

(a)  (b) 

(c) (d) 

Long term, I think what really want is (a) but right now (d) is looking pretty nice. And yes, in case you didn't know I am addicted to Pinterest.

P.S. Did you know that cool guys don't look at explosions?

P.P.S. If you are the owner of the horse arena that was not us on your security tapes. And you might want to get some actual security, not just the tapes. But don't, because it's really fun there at night.

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