Thursday, February 2, 2012

Delayed Reactions

It only took 2.5 weeks for me to realize that even though Rob's camera is certainly broken, we can still get the pictures off of his SD card by inserting it in my camera. Brilliant. So, with a minor delay, here are some of our first impressions of Sydney! Ok my impressions of Sydney really, since I mostly had the camera and Rob wouldn't touch a blog with a 10 foot nanotube. If he has anything to add, I will allow him a postscript.

I still have no pictures of the hibiscus or the plumeria or the flying foxes or the birds, and that is really horrid of me because they are gorgeous. Well, except for the ibis. The ibis are a little dirty - probably because they are always poking around in the rubbish bins. If you ever thought ibis were majestic (maybe I was the only one?) Sydney will pretty quickly rectify those delusions. The ibis are like those little lap dogs some people have that are supposed to be white, but are now all dingy brown for reasons no one wants to ask. But you don't have to ask the ibis, just watch one for about 2.2 and you'll find out. Ick. Anyway. Birds are what we don't have pictures of. Here are some of the things we do.

On the first day that we went out with camera, we went to Darling Harbor. I can't really remember why we were there, but I think it had something to do with a farmers' market that turned out not to exist. However, this water park near Tumbalong Park at Darling Harbor was very cool. You could pump the pumps and move the sluice gates and make the water go down whatever path you wanted. We had a lot of fun with it until a girl in loaded pink diapers moved her sluice gate and cut us off ... which in retrospect was probably for the best anyway, as she was actually sitting in the stream we'd had our hands in.

After a quick sterilization, we hopped over to the Powerhouse museum, which had a ton of super cool steam-powered contraptions and robots and magnets and science experiments that I can't show you because it was here that our camera decided to stop working. We unfortunately didn't realize this at the time, and subsequently took dozens of probably super-amazing photos that are now lost forever. But! I do have this picture of a piece of old steam-powered circus equipment! The last photo before our camera set sail.

Thankfully, we have second, and actually much better camera, and when I have more energy, I will get some of those photos up here from our Chinese New Year and Australia Day excursions.

Anyhow. There are also of course many things we didn't or couldn't take photos of. The second night after we arrived we went to hear Beirut in the Sydney Opera House. We had seats way way up in the tippy top in the back, but it was much smaller inside than I'd expected so it didn't feel like we were so far away. The acoustics in there were amazing. And Beirut was amazing. They aren't much for talking or putting on a show between songs, but in a way that just made the whole thing better. Just the music.

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