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Query Lab #2 - June Giveaway Closed

Query Lab #2 Giveaway Closed
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In case you missed it, The Query Lab is a new monthly feature on my blog!

Each month, I'll open up a submissions window for those interested in receiving a Query & 1st 10 page critique from me. When the sub window closes, I'll randomly select winners and a runner up!

3 Winners will receive a private Query & 1st 10 page critique/consultation from me.

1 Runner-Up will receive a Query-only Critique from me that will be publicly posted on this blog.

      { What does a public crit from me look like?
                            Click here to see! }

I'm most experienced with YA and MG, as that's what I write. However, I can definitely help with other age categories as well. The only thing I wouldn't be a good fit for is erotica (sorry!!)

{ For more info on The Query Lab, please see the original information post here!
   And check out my Calendar of other opportunities for query critiques.}

The Query Lab #SFFPit Edition

Query + 1st 10 Page Critique Giveaway

Winners: Lee Gomez, Ben Langhinrichs, & EmilyKBee

The random number generator has also chosen a runner-up
Please check back in a couple weeks when the runner-up's
public query critique will be posted!

Also! Note that next month's theme will be #PitchAmérica manuscripts,
check back here toward the end of June for that
announcement and entry window!

How to Enter:

  • Meet the Monthly Focus Criteria:  
    Each month, I will focus on a particular type of submission. This will limit the types of authors and/or manuscripts that are eligible to enter each month. I decided to do this so that my query critiques will be of maximum help to writers preparing for upcoming contests that have a particular genre or focus!

    June Focus: #SFFPit

    (Sci-Fi & Fantasy)

    And be sure to check out the #SFFPit Website to read more about the upcoming
     SFFPit Twitter Pitch Contest 

  • Comment on this Post

    Please leave a comment on this post with the following:
    • "Enter Me!"
    •  A way for me to contact you if you win
       (If you aren't signed in with your Google ID, maybe leave a Twitter handle or blog address, or check back here when the contest closes to see if you've won)
    •  Note if you are willing to be a Runner-Up
       (Runners-Up will receive a PUBLIC query critique from me, posted on this blog
        Want to see what that looks like? Check out a Previous Critique here.)
  • Check out my past Query Advice:
    Okay, so technically you don't
    have to do this before you enter. BUT I do highly recommend you browse my query tips and apply those that seem relevant before subbing ... because why enter to "win" advice from me that I'm already giving away to everyone??  ;oD

    You'll get better, more tailored tips from me if you're already applying some of the things I mention in the posts below!
     (keep in mind all queries/stories are different so your mileage may vary with some of the advice)

Want to know more about The Query Lab, or the upcoming submission theme/focus schedule? Check out the original post here.

Got a question? Feel free to drop me a line on Twitter!  ( @carissaataylor )


  1. Enter Me! (And I would be happy to be runner up)

  2. Enter me! And yes, I'm willing to be a runner-up.

  3. Enter me! (Sorta afraid of a public crit tbh, but hey. I need help so I'd give it a whirl.)

  4. Enter Me! please :-)
    I'm @EmilyKBee on Twitter

  5. Enter me! :)
    @klgreerwrites on twitter

  6. Enter me. (I'm happy to be a runner up.)

  7. Ooh, enter me! I'm on Twitter @kcrivers. (And runner up is still good in my book.)

  8. Enter me, please! (Runner-up would also be appreciated.) Thanks!

  9. Enter me! And yes, runner-up is fine.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Enter Me! Runner-up is more than fine.



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