Thursday, April 28, 2016

Introducing *The Query Lab* -- A Monthly Query Critique Giveaway!

The Query Lab: Monthly Query Critiques
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So I'm starting a new feature on this blog that I think some of you will like!
Once a month I'm going to open up ...

The Query Lab

Query + 1st 10 Page Critique Giveaway!

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Maybe you feel like your query equation just isn't quite right. Maybe you need a little help injecting some more chemistry into your query. Either way, once a month, I'm here to help! At the beginning of each month, I'll open a one-week entry window, at the end of which I'll randomly select winners and critique their queries and the 1st 10 pages of their manuscripts!

So fun, right?! Or at least somewhat painful, yet kinda helpful?! ... That's what I thought too!

Here's how it will work:

  • Entry Window
    I'll announce a theme (see below) and a one week entry window each month. Typically the one-week window will end on the First Friday of each month. For now (until I can figure out Rafflecopter) entries will be made via blog comment.

  • I will pick 1-3 winners (as my time allows) and 1 runner-up

  • Winners will receive a Query & 1st 10 Page critique from me.
    (Feedback received privately via email, Google Docs, or the platform of their choice)

  • Runners-Up will receive a publicly posted Query-only Critique from me on the blog.
    Runners-up will only be selected from those who previously agreed to a public critique. Though "public" the author may opt to have their entry posted anonymously, with their name and any other personal information removed.

  • My Critique Style
    Know that this will be a critique of your work. I give constructive feeeback, but I don't tend to overly sugar-coat things. Okay maybe a little more than the Query Shark ;o) I usually have a lot of comments, and for some, the amount of commentary might feel a bit overwhelming. But also hopefully helpful! I want to help you improve your query!

    Check out my previous public critiques:  #1 - YA Urban Fantasy || #2 - MG Fantasy
  • Genres Accepted
    I'm most experienced with YA and MG Contemporary, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy (and a bit of Historical & Thriller). I also read some Adult in those genres as well. If you write outside those genres, I'd still be happy to give feedback on how well your query is working for me as a query. Just be aware that I may not be well read enough in your genre to point out any issues in the query related to genre conventions and tropes.

    The only genre I would ask you not to send is erotica. I have no experience with reading or writing that and likewise would not be able to post the entry on my blog in the event that you were a runner-up, since I don't have an 18 and over restriction on my blog. Sorry about that!!
  • Theme / Focus Schedule
    Each month, I will open to submissions based on a genre theme or other focus that is sometimes (though not always), tied to an upcoming contest which writers are preparing for.
  • That's it! Any questions, don't hesistate to ask!
    (you can catch me on Twitter at: @carissaataylor)

    (Note: Please do not comment on this post to enter the monthly giveaway, as I won't be monitoring it. I will post a separate entry post each month when the window has opened!)

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