Thursday, March 8, 2012

Recent Reads Roundup: March Edition

Late February/ Early March has been a busy time for me. But I've still managed to read a fair amount of books, many of them are new favorites. Check out the mini summaries below!




Glass Houses - Rachel Caine
Claire is 16, and a freshman in college. She's smart, but not smart enough to avoid crossing paths with a townful of vampires and their fashion-conscious, violence-loving minions.

Legend - Marie Lu
June is dedicated to the Republic. When her brother dies in the line of duty, she'll stop at nothing to bring down Day, his murderer. Until she accidentally falls for him. RECOMMENDED    -- full review --

Maze Runner - James Dashner
Thomas doesn't remember anything from before he arrived at the Glade. None of the boys can. They're stuck at the center of an ever-changing maze, without any way to escape.

Fallen - Lauren Kate
Luce just wants to be normal, and for Daniel to notice her. But she sees things - shadows. She's fairly sure they had something to do with the fire that killed her ex-boyfriend, and now they wont leave her alone, even at reform school.

Crossed - Allie Condie
In this sequel to MATCHED, Cassia wants nothing more than to find Ky, and he is determined to live long enough to find her. But if they find each other, will their feelings be the same?

Tempest - Julie Cross
Jackson is a time traveler. When his girlfriend is killed, it makes perfect sense that he'd try to go back in time and prevent it. The only problem? No matter what he does, he can't change the past.
RECOMMENDED   -- full review --

Lost Voices - Sarah Porter
Luce's home life is darker each day. One night she makes a decision, and finds herself in sea - as a mermaid. She's safe and happy, but torn, because she must serve as a siren.

Under the Never Sky - Veronica Rossi
Aria is a Dweller, exiled from Reverie and the safety of its digital realms. Perry is an outsider and an unlikely ally. But if she's to find her mother and he his nephew, they'll have to work together.
  -- full review --

The Iron Thorn - Caitlin Kitteridge
Aoife (Ee-fah) has the necrovirus. But she's practical. Before she turns 16 and goes crazy, she's determined to find her father. Outside of steam-powered Lovecraft, things get complicated. If she's to save her family, she may have to help her worst enemy.

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