Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Book Recommendation: Tempest

Tempest, Julie CrossJulie Cross
Pages: 352
Ages: 14+

Jackson is just an ordinary nineteen year old college student, only he's an uber-rich Manhattan kid with an upper-eastside apartment, a dad that he suspects might be in the CIA and also ... Jackson can travel through time. He hasn't told anyone, with the exception of his friend Adam. So he's just as surprised as his girlfriend, Holly, when two men with guns come looking for him. When they resist capture, Holly is shot and killed. Horrified and in shock, Jack jumps to the past, hoping to reverse her death. But if there's anything he knows about his unique ability it's this: no matter what he does in the past, it never matters when he jumps back home. Nothing can be changed.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was well written, the plot compelling and complex, and the time travel aspects elegant, and well thought out. The love story was sweet and believable while not over the top. One of my key pet peeves is that so often in YA novels the male lead comes off as a cross between an aloof demigod and a 17th century poet. In TEMPEST, the love story is believable, real, poignant, and refreshing. Kudos to Cross! I do want to have my husband read it to see if he thinks she's portrayed the male brain accurately.  I'm always wondering how effectively authors can truly write across gender lines!  But to date, my only complaint about the books, was that I think it could have been edited back a bit. It was a little too long. However, it might have just seemed this way because I listened to it as an audio book. I've been doing this more often as that's the only way my library seems to offer some of its digital books. So far I've enjoyed all my audiobook experiences, but the process is a little on the slow side.

Official website of Julie Cross.

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