Monday, September 7, 2015

Twitter Pitch Party Roundup

Twitter Pitch Contest 101
Image: Flickr user Garret

If you've ever participated in a twitter pitch contest, you know how much fun (and stress, and work) they can be. Pitching your novel under 140 characters is HARD!

     My Key Tips for Twitter Pitching?

            { see also here }
  • Variety - use lots of different pitches!
      (check rules though, some are
       limited to just one, or just three, etc)

  • Feedback - bounce ideas off other writers!

  • Tweetdeck - use Tweetdeck to schedule your pitches for the day-of (check rules for frequency. Might be 1-3 per day or 1-2 per hour)

  • Socialize - Meet other writers, cheer each other on, & have fun!
I've participated in quite a few twitter pitch parties over the years, and have written about them a lot on this blog. So, with #Pitmad coming up on September 10th, I thought I'd pull together a round-up of my twitter-pitch related posts!

Contest Calendar & Organization

How Tos

Previous Winning Pitches

Just for Fun

More Resources

Want more? Check out what these folks have to say about Twitter Pitching!

What about you? What are your tips for twitter pitching? Know of any great resources for Pitching Tips & Strategies?

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