Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sept 2014 #Pitmad Requested Pitches

Last Tuesday was another fabulous #PitMad twitter pitch event, hosted by the even more fabulous Brenda Drake. I've been so busy lately I didn't have time to follow the #pitmad parties that happened earlier this year, but was able to jump into the frenzy with this one!

As always, I had a blast! So fun to see what everyone was pitching, and all of the authors out there re-tweeting and otherwise encouraging one another. I love the writing community!!

In January 2013 and March 2013 I did a round-up of requested pitches from the #pitmad events. I thought it'd be fun to do it again!

So what pitches got agent requests?
Scroll down to read them all!**

September 2014 #PitMad 
Requested Pitches
  • Young Adult      (195 novels requested) 
  • New Adult         (50 novels requested)
  • Adult                  (145 novels requested)
  • Middle Grade   (70 novels requested)
  • Picture Books   (27 books requested)
  • Non-Fiction
    & Memoir          (7 books requested)
  • Total = 494 manuscripts got requests!!
**Note: Apologies in advance for the formatting and any omissions. I tried my best to gather the majority of pitches that received agent favorites here, but I'm sure I likely missed some! And due to time constraints, I didn't attempt to compile faves from all the editors & small presses, so in reality, the number of requested pitches is much higher!

Congrats everyone!!!

Young Adult Agent Favorites

AC Billedeaux @acbilledeaux
A car accident and a murder. A schizophrenic break and a witness. To save a life, Sarah must give up her family. #pitmad #YA

 WE WERE LIARS meets THIRTEEN REASONS WHY. Schizophrenic Sarah finds out that three missing kids have everything to do with her. #pitmad #YA

Adrian Cross @AdrianCross15
Metal-shaping assassins, inhumanly strong Stone Soldiers, Blinds, and Eagles. Set against 2 brothers and their plan for revenge. #PitMad #YA

Adrianne @writersrepublic
Fallon's survival plan: stay low & come out alive. When her parents' marriage implodes, boys are the ultimate emergency exit. #YA #PitMad

Alex S @AlexS_Writes
Lacey inherits a gothic estate & discovers ruling isn't as white and black as her wardrobe, esp. when deadly rivals are involved #YA #Pitmad

#Pitmad #YA 17yo Lacey imagined getting more black couture for her birthday, not a gothic estate & a string of murders to deal with.

Alicia Wright @AliciaRight
SABRIEL + VERONICA MARS. Maddy illegally summons her dead stepmom, who may've offed herself just to become a vengeful spirit #YA #UF #PitMad

AlissaMcElreath @Aliki2009
Mixed race 16-year old works hard to overcome guilt over mom’s death, with help from gay foster dads, and a geriatric pit bull. #YA #PitMad

Amy Trueblood @atrueblood5
Post WWI wing walker Grace defies death every day, but a brutal crash & unexpected love force her to rethink her daredevil life. #YA #PitMad

 Dangling 500 ft in the air doesn't scare post WWI wing walker Grace until a crash risks her life in the sky & love on the ground. YA #PitMad

 Reckless & wild, post WWI wing walker Grace loves the sky. But a fiery crash may cost her a life in the air & love on the ground. YA #PitMad

Amy U'Ren @amylaurenwrites
NOBODY BUT US meets POINTE when Phoebe has to save the boy she helped kidnap 6 years ago, facing fears and her dad's dark plan. #YA #PitMad

 6yrs ago Phee’s dad abducted Isaac Woods. She helped. Now Isaac is 16 & Dad wants rid. P will do anything-bad things-to save him #PitMad #YA

Aniko Rajci @AnikoRajci
To avenge her parents' death,a young alien has to team up with the enemy.If only he wasn't so arrogant.Or distractingly gorgeous #PitMad #YA

Anita Saragusa @AnitaSaragusa
Money, glamour, frenemies, gossip and lies. The secret world of fashion bloggers

Every girl wants to be a fashion blogger now. Here's what they don't know about it. #PitMad #Contemporary Somewhere between #NA and #YA

Ann Foster @annhepburn
If Blair Waldorf ran for HS president against Serena, and then SMG in Cruel Intentions and Emily from Revenge showed up too #YA

 Ashley goes full Emily Thorne as she assumes a false identity to destroy the guy who leaked her sister's intimate video #PItMad #YA

A hacking scandal, leaked sex tape, Catfishing, blackmail and false identities... just another student election at Hampton High #YA #PitMad

Anne Van @AnneVanWrites
 #PitMad #YA-F I Dream of Jeanie meets Downtown Abbey

Anna Hallava @ahallava
Women in pastel dresses & headcoverings. Horses & buggies. Quaint village life. Until the masked men arrive. #YA #PitMad

April C Rose @aprilcrosebooks
Sarah values 3 things: farm life, family, and keeping her bruises hidden. That last one's easy - until she meets Bonnie. #PitMad #YA LGBT

Ariel Fowler @ArielRfowler
Lucinda must protect the merfolk in her pod from being caught and enslaved by humans, but the cost is to kill the human she loves. #pitmad

ash @__ashland
YA Thriller--Being LGBT isn't an issue for Antoine--finding his meth head sister before her drug dealer BF kills her, is. #LGBT #PitMad

Ashley Hearn @AshleyHearn
Instead of bball & hanging w/his gf, 16yo Adam has to find the stone his alchemist mama used to make him Immortal—or go to Hell #PitMad #YA

Ashley Morrison @AMorrison712
Framed for murder, 17yo Grace will go along w a madman's plans or risk the electric chair in this modern day witch hunt. YA-dark UF  #Pitmad

Ashley Poston @ashposton
Anastasia meets Firefly as a 17yo space pirate must navigate the lies of an empire on the brink of civil war to save her crew. #YA #PitMad

AshlynKravitz @AshlynKravitz
Zoe's met the girl of her dreams--if she can get past the fur & fangs. Beauty must rescue the Beast from the world's cruelty. #YA #Pitmad

Author Sam @moabsam1
Kuwait's a perfect home for Arab-American teen until Gulf War & after liberation he gets arrested for having premarital sex #YA #pitmad

Arab-American teen moves to Kuwait in 1989, finally fits in, Saddam's invasion threatens family and upends everything. #YA #PitMad

Brandi M Lynch @branwrites
Scarred beauty queen Daphne rages at hired-hand Isaac, but a mutual bet inspires her to a goal bigger than winning a crown. #YA C #pitmad

Brenda K Rufener @BrendaKRufener
Aberdeen's bf vanished 2 yrs ago. A college writing course offers a reunion. Anonymous essays read in class piece back the past. #pitmad #YA

Brittany Constable @constablewrites
Lacey was enjoying her last summer before college, until some spellcasting asshole threw her and her brothers in a dungeon.

Caitlin Seal @CaitSeal
Twice betrayed, a 17yo ghost must evade a second death and foil her father’s plans for war with the necromancer kingdom #YA #SFF #PitMad

Carissa Taylor @CarissaATaylor
A generational starship. Dwindling supplies. Violet: 16 year old misfit cyborg beekeeper, or savior of the ship? #YA #SFF #PitMad

Catherine Queen @cathqueenwrites
in a future of rising tension btwn Scot+Eng,18yo Fiona must choose btwn her duty- kill a 15yo English girl- and her heart. #pitmad #ya

Cecily Flynn @Cecily_writes
18 yr old Mary Shelley is torn between two irresistible brothers - a doctor and his creature. 200 years later, history repeats #pitmad #YA

Celia Mcmahon @Celia_Mcmahon
Princess Hannah seems to be the only one without all the answers; but what she does have could destroy (or save) her land. #pitmad #YA

Claire E A Boissiere @EABoissiere
Rayna's determined to outwit a were-cat or die trying. Why? She stumbled on a magic bracelet & fell beyond the Irish Sea #YA #SFF #Pitmad

17yo Rayna escapes mage & finds herself cast into waterless Irish Sea. Confused, must outwit were-cat to get home & save family #YA #Pitmad

Cody Kennedy @CodyKAuthor
 #Pitmad #YA #LGBT Memories demand attention and these memories will have teeth. Slaying Isidore's Dragons

Colten Hibbs @Colten_Hibbs
 It took 8 years for Teddy to find the woman who killed his family & stole his magic. Now he just needs help making her mortal...
#pitmad YA

Dakota Shain Byrd @ShainByrd
When his best friend goes missing because he created a freak storm, Skye has to find her to clear his name and save them both. #pitmad #YA

Daniel Kamin @dkamin
Alison died and was turned into Alpha, a half robot human. As Alpha learns about her past she fights her creator and finds love. #PitMad #YA

Dannie Morin @Dannie_Morin
Retelling:Robyn Hodé smuggles families from Mexico to the US.All’s well until Nottingham aka mom becomes Director of Immigration #PitMad #YA

Debra Daugherty @dmddeb
Murder, espionage and being held hostage were not part of Dru’s London itinerary. Neither was being kissed by Darcy. #PitMad #YA Thriller

Denise Drespling @denisedrespling
 When 15yo Claire meets Bryan, he seems like the perfect boy for her, except for one small problem… he died 50 years ago. #YA #PitMad

Diana Marie Falvo @deefalvo
 HS military cadet travels to the past to save her family - Back to the Future meets Looking for Alaska #YA #pitmad

DJ Siciliano =^..^= @storywrtr
A ghost dating a human? How is it possible? Mass hysteria! Or a novel with the angst of a great teen drama. YA #romance #pitmad

Donna C @dcompbooks
 A girl who can cry diamonds is kidnapped to harvest her tears only to escape and inadvertently start a revolution.  #Pitmad #LGBT #POC #YA

Dr. Tiffany Tajiri @TiffanyTajiri
To form the family they never had & always wanted, five teens unite after blackmailing their parents for money & emancipation #YA #pitmad

THE BLING RING meets BREAKING BAD in this dark #YA psychological thriller. ~~THE HATE VIDEOS~~ #PitMad

Eboni Collins @MadSeasonGirl
Crazy runs in the family. But 17yo Morgan isn't hearing voices b/c she can't deal w/ her sister's suicide. It's Siren Song. YA F #pitmad

Elaine Roth @Elainesararoth
When Serena’s Seer ability is exposed, she must fight 4 acceptance or risk being reason all Seers persecuted. XMen meets Buffy. #PitMad #YA

Eleanor Alford @Eleanor_Alford
Fashion blogger + gay politician boyfriend = lies. Good thing appearances are the only thing that matter, right? Oh, wait…#YA #PitMad

Elise Kova @EliseKova
If Vhalla-library girl turned sorcerer at the hands of the crown prince-can't find friend from foe she'll loose everything. #PitMad #SFF #YA

Elizabeth Penney @liz2penney
#PitMad #YA 1929 summer resort-a singer must choose: NY school offer from a bigoted patron or the Jewish boy she loves. #R

Elizabeth Roderick @LidsRodney
She was raised by violent criminals & the cult seemed safer. But their strange beliefs are real & things get bizarre and deadly. #YA #PitMad

Elizabeth Shack @ElizabethShack
 A young scholar must control her weather magic before causing a tornado, but help is in the last place she wants to go--home. #PitMad YA

Eric Steinberg @ericgsteinberg
#YA Arrogant son of a corrupt senator learns he’s not just a bad person, but also future president responsible for starting WWIII #PitMad

Erica Smith @EricaElizaStar
Sleeping Beauty wakes up, punches the creeper prince in the face, and goes off to find her lost love. #pitmad #ya

Eva @EvaVBGibson
15yo Lily travels across the country. In a camper. With her nutty family. Early 90s, pre-internet isolation, heartbreak galore. #pitmad #YA

Fargo Jones @FargoEscapee
4 seasons. 3 teenage sisters. WWII. 1 unwanted pregnancy. Chances they get through unscathed - 0. #pitmad YA-Historical

G. Karl Kumfert @GKarlKumfert
When planning to assassinate a mage at a roadside inn, the 17yo innkeeper’s daughter wasn’t supposed to be a problem. #YA  #PitMad

 A fearsome mage, “defender of the empire” is dying in a roadside tavern. Only a local waitress can save him. The indignity! #PitMad #YA

17yo Ebonie expects to inherit the family inn. When an elite mage with a price on his head becomes a guest, plans change.  #PitMad #YA

Geektastic Librarian @GeektasticLib
Nico would love to stop bursting into flames. Her kidnappers would appreciate it, too. Graceling + Buffy's snark #YA #SFF #diverse #PitMad

Giles Hash @gileshash
#YA On a first date gone wrong, Zooey steals a spaceship that makes her a target for Earth's navy, pirates, and an invading armada. #PitMad

Gwen C. Katz @gwenckatz
Armed only with obsolete biplanes, a Soviet air regiment of teen girls faces the Nazis--and the idea that women can't fight. #PitMad #YA

 #PitMad #YA #hist It's Code Name Verity in Soviet Russia when a teen pilot disobeys orders to save her boyfriend from behind enemy lines.

Heather Harris-Brady @misstoryhistory
A dancer w/o a muse; a violinist looking to escape: who will bet it all for a chance to stage their own love story? #pitmad YA cont romance

Heather Raglin @HCRaglin
#YA CF: When it's Kenzie's job to end the life of her sister's best friend, Kenzie doesn't know if her sister can ever forgive her. #PitMad

Heather Van Fleet @HLVanFleet
YA-C A high school wrestler must overcome his eating disorder to be with the clarinetist who unexpectedly rocks his world #Pitmad

Heidi R. Norrod @HRNorrod
Tamar is a insurgent against the vile Roman Army,& the erupting Vesuvius is her best cover. There's no time for romance

Isabel Sterling @IsaSterling
 A master thief steals a prince from prison but sacrifices her payday to help him, risking her life-and her heart-in the process. #PitMad #YA

Falling for the sorceress was magical-but now the princess must choose between love & the marriage that’ll save her country #PitMad #YA #SFF

ilanawaters @ilanawaters
In a 19th-century otherworld, Seluna must learn why she was sent to an insane asylum—and why patients keep disappearing. #YA #Pitmad

 In a 19th-century otherworld, Seluna’s been unjustly sent to an insane asylum. The bigger problem? Patients keep disappearing. #YA #pitmad

J. A. Cato @Cato1287
 After her parents divorce, 16yo Jewish girl must decide if a summer fling with a Christian jock is worth the heartache
#PitMad #YA

#PitMad #YA After parents divorce, 16yo Jewish girl must avoid crazy exes, racist cheerleaders, and falling in love to keep her heart intact

Jamie Corrigan @saphirablue84
Cross slays monsters; Brielle reads about them. But to stop a madman from destroying both their worlds, they must swap lives. #YA UF #Pitmad

Jaime Questell @AmazingQuesto
Alan's led a charmed life thanks to spells protecting the carnival. The new girl will bring it tumbling down to break a curse. #PitMad #YA

The fortuneteller kissed her, then cursed her. Now Emma needs help to free herself from the curse binding her to the carnival.

Jaime Theler @jaimetheler
When orphaned kids w mind powers go missing, Cassie must unleash her own powers to save them-hopefully she won’t kill again. #PitMad #YA SF

Jamie Adams @Jamie_Adams22
They say ghosts haunt the orchestra. Killian must escape its dark history or she’ll never become a violin virtuoso. #YA #PitMad

Janelle Fila @JanelleFila
As a Russian, Tess is hated. Her American crush loves her gay best friend.  Tensions = violence. The Outsiders meets Sopranos #YA #pitmad

Janet Kelley @hutchkelley5
Rebecca plots revenge for her best friend, Luke. He was raped. Luke swears her to secrecy. She vows revenge.  #YA crossover #PitMad

Jason Robbins @jmrobbinswrites
Rom/Com The Big Bang Theory meets MTV's Awkward. 15yo Aspie, Nikki, must accept her shortcomings or lose at love to a gamer girl

JC Davis @JCDavisAuthor
 #YA An uber-religious town. A series of crazy “miracles.” A media circus. And a girl who hasn’t believed in God since her sis died. #PitMad

Del hasn’t believed in God since her lil sis died. When Baby Cheesus & other “miracles” turn up, Del must prove they’re fake. #YA #PitMad

Miracles are for mayo & make-overs, not 16yo Del. When miracle mania sweeps her town, Del’s driven to prove Baby Cheesus is fake

#PitMad #YA An uber-religious town. A series of crazy “miracles.” A media circus. And a girl who hasn’t believed in God since her sis died.

Jean Marie Brennan @BookLoverJMarie
Ravenshead seems like the perfect place for Lanx to start over, except for one small problem... the murders, and her connection #YA #PitMad

Jeanmarie Anaya @janaya75
Cass forgave her best friend for stealing her crush. But an impulsive kiss makes stealing him back an unforgivable possibility. #YA #pitmad

Jen Shulman @jenshulman
What happens when a superfan meets the actor she's obsessed with in a psychiatrist's office...and her mom is the therapist?

Jenna Barclay @BarclayJenna
QUANTUM LEAP meets MEAN GIRLS w/ TUDORS ensemble.15 y/o Everly must stop history from repeating & present from becoming past. #pitmad #YA

Jenna DeVillier @jenna_devillier
 #YA #pitmad An assassins' camp may be a bad place to make enemies, but the Infulio will do anything to get to Petra & use her powers

Jenna Nelson @violet1818
 A horrible secret and a grisly murder leave 17 year old Alisabeth as both the victim and the suspect. Gone Girl for teens. #pitmad #YA

Jennie Booth @JennieWrites
Hannah's dad has mapped her future from his wheelchair. She follows it til a 2nd chance w/ Ryan. Is it her future or her dad's?

Jennifer Galasso @jennifergalasso
YA Horror Tortured by the town bullies, 16YO Tommy is rescued by the 7 foot shadow thing who roams the graveyard behind his house.

Jennifer Laird @Jen_Laird
 #YA #pitmad Exorcist with ghost best friend + living lover = hard. Sacrificing one to save other in war btwn living + dead = harder.

Jenny @jennyrosen
Fratricide. Attempted murder. Black ops. Pretty lies. Ugly Truths. Grueling loss. Gritty love. The Outsiders meets Stolen #PitMad #YA

Jenny Perinovic @JennyPerinovic
A ghost in the woods, a cute new neighbor w/ a secret, & dead bodies in the river. Amelia's life just got WAY more interesting

Amelia wanted to help a ghost, not free a spirit intent on murder. HOCUS POCUS meets BETWEEN THE DEVIL & THE DEEP BLUE SEA. #YA #pitmad

Jessica Bloczynski @jabloczynski
MY SISTER'S KEEPER meets CINDER: Cyborgs, sisters, teen angst, frostbite, daddy issues, and sledgehammer fights. #Pitmad #YA #SFF

Jessica Frost @MissInkweaver
Ex-ballerina on lifelong strike from dancing meets French contemporary dancer who helps her rediscover her passion. #YA #PitMad

Jessica Rubinkowski @JessRubinkowski
16 yo Alessa steals hearts from the dead to feed a King hungry for immortality. To regain her freedom she must assassinate him #YAF #PitMad

J.N. Cahill @JNCahill1
 What if you lived in a town that would condemn you for something beyond your control? Cassie's about to find out in Whispertown. #ya #pitmad

Joanna Meyer @gamwyn
#PitMad Nine gods, three Stars, one immortal Tree. Talia sets out to see if the myths are true—and bring her mother back to life. #YA #SFF

Jodie Andrefski @2000_words
What starts as a simple revenge plot turns deadly inside Trinity
Academy's gold-plated secret society. #YA #PitMad

A catfish scheme to lure in the boy next door turns into a fiasco & Emma must decide if losing a friendship is worth the bait. #PitMad #YA

Joni Pope @LittleJoni00
Clock repair kit, check. Crush on the cute new boss, check. Stop an evil plot to rewrite time...wait, what? #PitMad #YA #R

Jolene Haley @JoleneHaley
Katie has a secret. A secret that's made someone follow her to summer camp. A secret that someone's willing to kill for. #YA #Horror #PitMad

J.R. Dawson @J_R_Dawson
Prower and Abbey go West in an airship, but Prower must return when Father’s inventions begin another Civil War. #pitmad #Steampunk #YA #SFF

Julia Fine @finejulia6
Prince falls in love with pauper. Pauper starts rebellion that may spell both their deaths. So much for happy endings #PitMad #LGBT #SFF #YA

Oppressed magicians hide in an abandoned train station, dreaming of rebellion. Blood will be shed…  if only their own.

Kat Cho @katjc
To cure his fatal illness Eli Kim enlists enemy warrior's aid to travel across the stars. PRINCESS MONONOKE in #SPACE #YA #SF #PitMad

Katherine Fleet @KatherineFleet
Clover’s eccentric, homeless, and like no girl Daniel’s ever met. If only she’d trust him with her secrets!

Katie Doyle @KatieDoyle_IN
Amanda spent 5yrs in a hospital after she saw a beast kill her sister. Once out, she discovers she might not be crazy at all.#YA #PitMad

Kim Pierson @kjpierso
Northanger Abbey retelling wrapped around a 1985 hs musical. 15yo Kate battles for friendship & love & her role as Mrs. Paroo.

Kimberly VanderHorst @Kymburleev
YA-F With monsters in reflections and a charming dork in her bedroom mirror, Grace must decide if she's plagued by madness or magic.#PitMad.

 #YA F Grace craves sanity like some girls crave chocolate, but falling for one of her hallucinations could lead to the psych ward. #PitMad

 #YA-F Monsters in every reflection, a charming dork in her bedroom mirror. Grace must decide if she's plagued by madness or magic. #PitMad

Kira Budge @KiraBudge
Rebellious 15yo songwriter Suzanne develops fibromyalgia after a car crash and must learn to accept others into her life. #YA C #pitmad

KM Smith @k_m_smith
 #YA #pitmad Having special powers is cool. Being hunted because of them is not, even if your hunter is hot and falling in love with you.

Kyle Lukoff @Kylebrarian
Andrew's best friend bullies him into starting a gay-straight alliance, even though he's sick of talking about being transgender #pitmad #ya

Andrew’s sick of explaining what "transgender" means, but his str8 best friend bullies him into starting a gay-straight alliance #pitmad #ya

Kyle W. Kerr @KyleWKerr
After Simon's boyfriend is brutally murdered by the school bully, he is torn between moving on & getting revenge. #PitMad #YA #LGBT

Laila Blake @LailaJBlake
At school, Ingrid is invisible and she likes it that way. When her father gets evicted, she opens up to a punky librarian. YA LGBT #pitmad

Lana Johnson @muliebris
Norns and Valkyries shouldn't recognize 17yo Mel, but after a confusing night on a barrow, it's the least of her problems.
#YA #SFF #pitmad

 This isn’t about the Chosen One. This is about Mel, who chose him, even though he set her 4th-grade math book on fire. #YA #SFF #pitmad

LauraMitzner @lauramwriter
17 y/o Sam was never passionate about human rights until a victim of human trafficking showed up in his bedroom. #pitmad #YA

Lauren Mansy @LaurenMansy
In a world where memories are purchased, thief Etta could never afford true love. But with Reid, it’s free. YA F #PitMad

To save her mother's memories from the auction block, memory thief Etta must complete the greatest heist of her life.#PitMad YA F

Laurie Litwin @book_laurie
Driving drunk 17 y/o Taylor slams into a tree - and the truth - when she realizes she'd rather die than give up alcohol. #PitMad

Laurie S Gigliotti @LaurieGigliotti
No one knows why her mom leaped off the Golden Gate Bridge 10 yrs ago. Now she's being stalked by a ghost, who may have answers #PitMad #ya

Leslie Nottingham @DCDecArts
MISTS OF AVALON + HEIST SOCIETY when an Avalon student and a 16yo from Harlem team up to find pages from Merlin’s book #pitmad #YA UF

Linnea Ren @Twin_Lotus
Her Chinese folklore bedtime stories didn't prepare her for this. Reincarnation, possessions, demons, betrayal. All in one town. #PitMad

Lissa Redmond @Lissa3672
17yo Lauren survives the plague.When she falls for a young solder she tries to forget her boyfriend who died. Until he shows up. #pitmad #Ya

M.A. Hoak @LM_Librarian
Torn btw her college dreams & protecting her siblings, Janey turns to her best friend's crush for comfort in this R&J retelling.#YA

CALL ME CAPULET. Tech theater student, Janey, dreams of leaving her FL town. A secret romance & a toxic family stand in her way. #YA #PitMad

Maggie Giles @maggiegiles_
 The only man to keep his head, Thomas Wyatt was Anne Boleyn’s only real lover. #Historical #YA  #pitmad

Mandie Baxter @MandieBaxter
Nothing can keep Ryan from the Gulfarium or her crush as a hurricane blows in. Not even the grounding she got for being arrested.#ya #pitmad

Mara Fitzgerald @mara_fitzgerald
When her magic cruise ship is decimated by a plague, Zoe must protect a princess from the killers who released the disease. LGBT #YA #PitMad

Maree Jones @bonewriting
Girl discovers she can sing to the bones of the dead & temporarily bring them back to life Now someone wants to take her magic #YA #pitmad

October discovers she can sing to the bones of the dead. Now she's in danger because someone wants to take her magic #YA #pitmad

Margo Berendsen @writerWyoming
When Cam discovers another girl’s memories in her mind it means romantic complications w/a boy & all 3 of their lives at risk #YA

marion @MarionMavis_
Descendants of immortal witches. A hideaway coven. The rebirth of dark magic. Visions of a battle that turned out to be true. #PitMad #YA

Mark O'Brien @mobrienbooks
Breakfast Club meets IT'S KIND OF A FUNNY STORY when 3 teens trying to die are stuck alone together in a supermarket overnight #pitmad #YA C

3 suicidal teens stuck in a store find their intended last night of life may be the one they start living—if they make it out. #pitmad #YA C

Marlo Berliner @MarloBerliner
She saw her HS janitor moving a dead body. Now she has to prove he's a serial killer...or she'll be next. #PitMad #YA The Secrets We Keep

She sees her HS janitor moving a corpse. Now she must be brave & prove he’s a killer...or be his next victim #PitMad #YA The Secrets We Keep

Marty Mayberry @mbelec123
17yo Maddy lost 100 pounds but is still unkissed. A dig in Rome, a 100-kiss bet, & a modern-day Indiana Jones might change that. #YA #PitMad

While working at a dig in Rome, Madison's snagged In a 100-kiss bet. She must find a way out, or lose the only boy worth kissing #YA #PitMad

Mary Gray @MaryGrayTweets
A Tale of Two Cities meets Assassin's Creed: Unity. A young executioner falls for the daughter of a woman he had to kill. #PitMad #YA

Mary K. Stone @WriterMKStone
Addie’s grandfather, a geneticist, dies protecting the identity of his research subject. Her soulmate’s secret? He’s the target #PitMad #YA

Megan Easley-Walsh @MEasleyWalsh
Lights! Camera! Action!
In 1938, only one place will do when escaping the past in Budapest
& running to her future.
#YA  #pitmad

Megan Peterson @MeganNCPeterson
After Gray learns she was abducted as a baby, her lookalike classmate is killed. MARA DYER meets PUSHING THE LIMITS. #Pitmad #YA

Melanie Sumrow @mhsumrow
Swept into a cult, Eve must choose:die with the flock or live knowing she abandoned the only family she's ever had. #PitMad YA

Melissa Hed @MelissaHed
Dead homecoming queen is hellbent on keeping her crown. #PitMad #YA #DarkComedy

Michelle Mason @michelleimason
LIAR SOCIETY meets 12th NIGHT when a girl goes undercover at summer camp to catch the boy who put her brother in a coma. #YA #PitMad

LIAR SOCIETY meets “She’s the Man” when a girl goes undercover at summer camp to catch the boy who put her brother in a coma. #YA #PitMad

Michele Mohr @authormohr
What can be deadlier than the cursed objects sold at The Darker Curiosity? The supernatural staff that sells them, of course! #YA #PitMad

Mike Ramberg @mramberg
Boy genius Tesla and American friend Polly face the evil of Dr Nephario in twilight of Austro-Hungarian empire. #pitmad

Millie Eckert @MillieEckert
Groundhog Day meets Sherlock Holmes & Romeo & Juliet. Ellie must solve her murder whilst navigating her 7th go at turning 17. #pitmad

Murdered, Ellie is reincarnated in 7 different lifetimes. To end the cycle she must learn her friend's secrets & find her killer. #PitMad

MysteriousAnniexo @MRoltoning
 #YAGoneGirl Nikel finds out he's not the only one with secrets when he meets runaway Ali - and suddenly the police are on his tail.. #pitmad

Nala @NalaHendrix
It's Code Name Verity in Soviet Russia when teen pilot Valya disobeys orders to rescue her boyfriend from behind enemy lines. #PitMad #YA

Nancy Parish @nancyparish
A cheer squad initiation stunt leaves a teacher dead at the bottom of the stairs and Noble Martin as the main suspect. #YA  Myst #pitmad

Veronica Mars meets Pretty Little Liars when a cheer squad initiation stunt leaves a teacher dead & Noble as the main suspect YA M  #pitmad

Veronica Mars meets Pretty Little Liars when a cheer squad initiation stunt leaves a teacher dead & Noble as the main suspect YA M  #pitmad

Nancy Slavin @NancySlavin1
When school makes her attend an "at-risk girls" group, a 15yo girl must decide: face her violent memories or become her mother. #YA #PitMad

When a 15yo Shae has to attend an “at-risk” group, she must decide: walk a path of self-destruction like her mother or GIRL UP?

#YA #PitMad In the vein of Laurie Halse Anderson's "Speak," a15yo girl must decide: follow a history of self-destruction or GIRL UP?

NeelyStansellSimpson @NeelySSimpson
17yo Ruby learns the women in her fam die on their 18th bdays. To save herself she must decrypt the ballad in the fam graveyard. #pitmad YA

Nicole @MsNicRiv
#pitmad 1998. A friendless 16yo finds a new home in the local alt scene-until the fallout from a school shooting threatens tear it apart.YAC

Nicole Payne @tnicolepayne
Modern day mythology retelling where an angry goddess plans the demise of an oblivious Nova for a sin committed in a past life. #PitMad #YA

Niki Lenz @NikiRLenz
#pitmad #YA  in 1933 Camille awakens in an abusive asylum.  She must decide whether to punish herself and stay, or risk it all to escape.

Nita Tyndall @NitaTyndall
IF I STAY meets SPEAK: Violinist's last hope of escaping her abusive uncle is Juilliard--but only if he doesn't find out. #pitmad YA Contemp

Pasha @PashaWestbrook
Jasmyn must learn to love her mixed-race skin. In spite of her white mom hating it. In spite of the black uncle who raped it. #YA #pitmad

Petre Pan @petr3pan
Guardians of the Galaxy meets Shawshank Redemption: Warrior queen, space lemur, & teen soldier w/ PTSD bust out of brainwashing camp #pitmad

Potamus Rex @PoorRobin
There is no room for mistakes in the strict order of the Great Library. To bad for Sibl that she’s just made the first one ever.

Rachel Lampi @RachelLampi
16yo assassin from Hell sent aboard the Titanic to kill boy who owns deck of magic playing cards. Failing means her own death. #YA #PitMad

Raine Winters @raine_winters
Former child soldier split into multiple personalities battles evil queen after dimensional collapse. Dark fairytale retelling. #YA #pitmad

Reader Roundtable @ReaderRoundtabl
Dark skin & wealth isolate Kayla, except w/BFFs.When a friend dies, Kayla must separate herself from her group persona.BLEACHED #ya #pitmad

Rebecca Carpenter @TheTotalDCofCW
Her teen crush finally declares his love. But she can't reciprocate and risk him discovering her dead father inside the house. #PitMad #YA

A bullied girl with a bone disease is given butterfly DNA and must undergo metamorphosis and risk love, freedom, and life. #PitMad #YA

Rebecca Carvalho @cavalcar
The Breakfast Club + The Truman Show = A teen has to decide who dies each day. She's the only one who doesn't know she's on TV.

Rebecca Santelli @RebeccaSantelli
15YO noblewoman investigates brutal murders. Her suitor's best friend is chief suspect. Veronica Mars meets Pillars of the Earth #pitmad #YA

Headstrong teen noblewoman investigates murder. Charismatic suitor begs her: give up dangerous obsession. #pitmad #YA Medieval Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars meets Pillars of the Earth. 15YO Eva suspects her suitor's knight of murder, risks heart & life for the truth. #pitmad #YA HF

Fiery teen noblewoman & monk investigate murders, clash when she accuses man he wants to protect #pitmad #YA Histfic Medieval Veronica Mars

#pitmad #YA Veronica Mars meets Pillars of the Earth. 15YO Eva suspects her suitor's knight of murder, risks heart & life for the truth.

Rebekah C @RBBookworm
DJ girl loves boy. Boy loves himself. Broken-hearted girl creates breakup playlist to get over him and land her dream radio job  #YA #PitMad

A breakup playlist won't help Dee run her first live radio show, so she kicks the ex to the curb to take control of her future

Regina Garvie @garviegirl
Reagan and Lincoln are forced on fake PR dates to keep their rival political parents in the news. House of Cards meets R+J. #PitMad YA-C

Rhymney Lind @RhymneyLind
The end is coming, be prepared. Apocalypse High promises readiness, but it doesn't promise students will survive the lessons. #PitMad #YA

A fearful nation demands teens like Annabelle learn how to survive an apocalypse. Too bad surviving the lesson isn’t guaranteed #PitMad  #YA

Rita Feinstein @RitaFeinstein
14y/o Sarah must escape the Morpheus sleep research institute before her dreams become living nightmares. #PitMad  #YA sci-fi

robert ceres @rceres
Tough manic gymnast saves shy band geek, but he uses music 2 save her when violence strikes friend & she falls to mental illness #PitMad #YA

Music madness & violence collide as bandgeek,bipolar gymnast & gifted singer prep 4 TV song contest. If I Stay meets HungerGames #PitMad

Ruth Ann Mitchell @Ruth_Mitchell1
War Games meets Inception when an 18 YO girl must outsmart the mindhacker who erased her from everyone's memory. #pitmad

Ruth Schiffmann @RuthSchiffmann
Pseudo-crush vs true love-can Janie differentiate when the stress of mom’s hoarding buries her like a mountain of Macy’s bags? #YA

16yo boy searches for the truth behind his mother's disappearance in this #YA #versenovel version of STILL ALICE. #pitmad

Each day Jesse fails to find his mom brings him closer to the possibility that she may not remember him when he does #YA #versenovel #pitmad

Every second Jesse searches for his mom brings him closer to the reality that if he finds her she won’t remember him #versenovel #YA #pitmad

Sally Hughes @ballysally
A suicidal mother is enough for any teen to handle. Add an angel with messages of doom & Bridget wonders if she's crazy herself.

Samantha Fountain @FountainWriter
THE LOVELY BONES meets IF I STAY when a psychic teen reveals a hometown tragedy by connecting to the missing. #pitmad
#YA #Thriller

Samantha Joyce @SamJoyceBooks
DANTE meets BUFFY as the Devil's 17yo daughter attempts to break out of Hell with an innocent boy. Her dad's gonna be SO mad. #YA #Pitmad

Samantha Martin @onceuponawolf_
 a teenage girl is sent to a laboratory disguised as a school where scientists have found a way to use human blood as energy

Sara Jo Cluff @SaraJoCluff
 An awkward 17yo girl. A swoon worthy crush. An overconfident bully. A loyal best friend. A foolish bet. Homecoming. #PitMad #YA

Sara-Marissa Baker @SeeSaraScribe
#pitmad Hist/f YA When it's foretold siding w/the Persian king means her death, Amitis plans to change her fate but falling 4him interferes

Sara Thompson @ThWritingSpider
She can stop Hitler's army of demon-riddled zombies from destroying humanity if she can master her own magic first. YA/althist #PitMad

Sarah Carlson @sarahjoydrop
Fiona's dad may be a N. Ireland Catholic terrorist; Danny joins Protestant paramilitary. In this dual POV, they fall in love. #YA #PitMad #R

Living in Northern Ireland, dad maybe a terrorist, cute Protestant boy. Fiona never expected this for her senior year of hs. #YA #PitMad #R

Sarah Kettles @sfkettles
Only outcast Suraka’s taboo talent can stop the soulless crown prince from repeating the kingdom's greatest tragedy. #PitMad #YA

Hundreds were burned on the pyre for their misunderstood talent; the soulless crown prince is determined to do it again. #PitMad #YA

The soulless prince's governess is determined to replace him with a more suitable heir. The catch? That heir is dead. #PitMad #YA

Sarah M. @appifanie
Good books, a cute guy, some great friends, and a hidden beach. Ivy hopes those things are the keys to getting over her ex.

Selene Bell @selene_bell
Her dead parents worshipped a monster created by Aristotle’s bastard son. Now Wren has to fight the winged freak or kneel, too #PitMad #YA

S.H. Marr @SH_Marr_Writes
17yo Rey's life will never be the same after becoming a familiar. But damned if he's going to let a wizard treat him like a pet. #PitMad #YA

Shawn Ingram @shawn_i
 #PitMad LGBT #YA Kat will do anything to not think about Mom’s death until her first girlfriend makes her confront those painful memories.

 #PitMad LGBT #YA Her friends and girlfriend want to help her move on, but all Kat wants is to not think about her mother’s death.

Shelly Bean @ClassicalShelly
Zoe is a pissed-off dead girl who teams up with an equally disgruntled guide to live again. THE MATRIX meets JOAN OF ARC. #pitmad #YA #scifi

Silvia Park @silviajpark
An illegal pawnshop for monsters. A dragon loose in South Korea. Misha must find the dragon she released before he kills again #PitMad #YA F

When a 15yo chess prodigy releases a dragon in South Korea, she must unmask his human disguise before he kills again #YA Fantasy #PitMad

S. L. Bynum @WriterSLBynum
Seventeen-year-old Mikaela must protect her boyfriend from her assassin parents in a DEXTER meets MR. AND MRS. SMITH thriller. #YA #pitmad

Sonja Biberstine @WriterSonjaB
Orphaned 1200 mi from home, Gayle must learn to cope w/ betrayal, suicide & her 1st kiss all in just the 1st few wks of summer. #pitmad #YA

Stef Wade @Stef_Wade
Mom bloggers secrets exposed in daughters tell all blog. Can Sadie save relationships & mothers career from her viral mistake? #PitMad #YA

Steve DuBois @Twitlysium
Treachery and conspiracy in the afterlife...like Game of Thrones, only your favorite characters die before it even STARTS.  #PitMad #YA #SFF

Sue O'Connor @suegraceoconnor
All she ever wanted to do was sing. Can CeCe regain her voice after she is betrayed by “The Stranger?” #PitMad #YA #weneeddiversebooks

susan taitel @SusanTaitel
15yo Vi thought nothing would be worse then getting dumped. Then her sex tape goes viral. #YA C #pitmad

Tara Sim @EachStarAWorld
A 17-year-old clock mechanic risks stopping time itself to save the boy he loves. #PitMad #YA HistFan

When Danny falls for a boy who controls time, he'll have more to worry about than what his mother will think. #PitMad #YA HistFan

Taylor Lauren Ross @TaylorLaurenR
 Mean Girls--sorority style. ANATOMY OF A MISFIT meets FANGIRL. #PitMad Upper #YA

Melissa navigates college life and sorority mean girls--and learns to stay true to herself. ANATOMY OF A MISFIT meets FANGIRL. #PitMad #YA

TeaKJackson @TeaKJackson
When Maya finds Baba Yaga has put her soul in a jar, she must figure out how to quell the witch's anger & save their family #PitMad YA #UF

Ted Blunt @ImTedBlunt
What a year! I beat up my high school rival,met the girl of my dreams, lost her,saved her from a cult. Then things got WEIRD. #humor #PitMad

Terry Hunt @terry_a_hunt
#PitMad Hiding in an abandoned cabin,15yo Layla must choose--betray her absent mother and her past or lose the future that’s unfolding.#YA

The Bloody Munchkin @Tyliag
Kai has been followed by a strange man ever since he can remember. The reason why is a secret his parents are keeping. #Pitmad YA

Tosha Sumner @tlwrites
Forbidden love + a centuries-old vendetta = FNL meets Highlander when track star Kyra falls for Aidan, a Scottish immortal. #YA #PitMad

Tracey Neithercott @T_Neithercott
Minority Report meets Manchurian Candidate: Syna's convinced her dad was murdered—but precrime software prevents crime. #PitchMad #YA

T.S. Liard @TSLiard
Stranded on an island,16 y/o Dylan becomes a killer to protect his friends, a role he enjoys until his friends become the prey  #YA

Waugh Wright @WaughWright
YA SF #PitMad Physics girl has to fight with old Vikings, urban gangs, Japanese monsters, and Hollywood chilidog stands to save Philly.

Wenzel @Wenzel
Isabel’s plan for high school success is jeopardized by government funding cuts so she doesn’t plan a prom, she plans a riot.

Vanessa Barger @VanessaBarger
TEN meets HAMLET. Trapped on an island and haunted by her father’s ghost, Rebekka must catch his killer before he kills again. #pitmad #ya

Murder. Love. Madness. Betrayal. Trapped on an island, Rebekka must find her father’s killer. Or die trying. #pitmad #ya #thriller

Vanessa K. Eccles @VanessaKEccles
16yo Adalind Rivers never really thought about God until the day the devil thought about her. A young adult STIGMATA. #pitmad

Zoje Stage @zooshka
After discovering she is NOT a "living goddess" a 15yo triple amputee risks her life to discredit the regime that mangled her.

A "living goddess"/triple amputee learns she's been used as a puppet & risks her life to discredit the regime that mangled her. #YA #PitMad

New Adult

A. Claudy @_AClaudy
Kate drank to forget the lies her mom told. But she had to face the truth the next day, along with the guy she slept with. #NA #Pitmad

Kate doesn’t trust anyone in her new world of wealth, privilege, and lies, although she's attracted to a few. #pitmad #na

#pitmad #NA Boxing was her way out. Rea didnt realize her trainers were pulling her into a life more dangerous than the one she left behind

 Rea thought boxing was her way out, but her trainers are pulling her into a life more dangerous than the one she left behind #pitmad #NA

#na In the ring, Rea fights and wins. Outside the ropes, she's in danger of losing the fight for her heart and possibly her life. #pitmad

Adam Bertocci @AdamBertocci
Lena Dunham characters, unlikely-heroes plot, Ghostbusters humor,  highly-praised author (first book has 6 printings&good press) #PitMad #NA

Alli Smith @allikathcam
When Elle reconnects w/past love Thomas, his Aspergers & new fame could complicate her list of problems or solve every one.#PitMad #NA #R

Allison Rios @WriterAllieR
Sawyer and Celia have different secrets, but it will only take one to end them both. #pitmad #NewAdult #SuspenseThriller

Amy Evans @aammyyss
Stranded w/ 3 hot boys who are together leaves Raine with no choice but fall to in love w/ each of them. #pitmad #lgbt #NA

Anna Patrick @loveannapatrick
A re-telling of Alice In Wonderland where Elizabeth is the new Alice,& the real Alice wants her dead. Can she escape Wonderland? #NA #Pitmad

Think Pretty Little Liars in Wonderland.Alice is "A" but her true identity shocks Elizabeth,who must find her way out or face A  #NA #pitmad

Elizabeth discovers a dark Wonderland, and must follow Alice's clues to escape. Pretty Little Liars meets Alice In Wonderland #NA #pitmad

Anna Zeigler @ajzeigler
Grad student Edie Moreau & her lit professor are studying Hemingway, but soon begin an intense linguistic dance all their own.  #NA #pitmad

Archit Jaswal @TheArchitJaswal
Just another girl who speed-dates psychopaths at the insane asylum. #NA Thriller #PitMad

Billy @Billbeck14
Ray&Anica are besties. Anica disappears & odd things start happening in town. But questions remain, was Anica all in Ray's head? #pitmad #NA

Brian Lowe @BrianLoweWriter
College reading list: English Lit, America History,  How to Invade Earth in Ten Easy Steps. #PitMad #SFF

Brittney Coon @FatalKiss19EV
NA 21 yo Sydney enjoys sampling summer boys. This year, one boy refuses to be just a one-night stand. #pitmad

Colleen S Myers @ColleenSMyers
Memento meets Roswell. 19 yo Beta must remember what the aliens did to her if she wants to survive. #pitmad

Cynthia Hill @8thCyn
A mysterious "healer" saved the life of Josie's boyfriend. She should be ecstatic, but it feels like her life is falling apart #pitmad #NA

Dana Collins @xDanaCollins
When girl meets girl, sparks and bullets fly as they team up to learn why they share a soul or die Buffy+Thelma&Louise NA/UF #PitMad

Diana Pinguicha @Pinguicha
When girl of ice meets boy of fire, they can't help but fall in love. He hates it. After all, he's marching her to her death. #pitmad #NA #F

Fiona Canteberry @FekketCantenel
If your best friend wanted you to accept her alien blood-borne parasite and be transformed, would you? #PitMad #NA #SF #Horror

Hallie M. Smith @Halliewag
#PitMad #SF #NA After overcoming anxiety to become an infectious assassin, Alice is taken by terrorists, forcing her to find her courage

Heather Van Fleet @HLVanFleet
Between the sexy, single dad who's reawakened her libido & her troubled brother, Addie's lax life is on a one-way trip to crazy. NA #pitmad

Hipster McPainter @mixeduppainter
Dade didn't want to hurt anyone but it's hard to avoid when he's fighting the local superhero and villain. #pitmad #NA LGBT

Ian Thomas Malone @ianthomasmalone
Fear and Loathing meets Ferris Bueller in a psychedelic coming of age story set in the Boston MFA #pitmad #NA

Harold & Maude meets The Graduate in a curious tale of intergenerational amour #pitmad #NA #R

Jana Jones @JanaJones79
If you don't have anything nice to say than come talk to me. My name is Sienna and I can make all your modeling dreams come true #PitMad #NA

The exclusive modeling world is shaken when one agent learns to use gossip as currency, exploit secrets, and manipulate bookings #PitMad #NA

Jason Strong @jase_strong
Ally broke the law to save her siblings. When she's accused of terrorism, they wonder if it's the first time she's had to run. #NA #pitmad

Jennifer Beving @jenb130
The Midas Syndrome is killing rich kids. No one really cares until it turns out that they're the only ones who might survive.#pitmad #NA #SF

Jessica Boothe Frye @jessicaboothe
For Ivy, a heinous dumping+dark family secret=time to reevaluate existence. ‘Bridget Jones meets Taylor Swift.’ Funny, southern #NA #PitMad

Jo @Jo_Wu_Author
Priority 1: Graduate & find cure for STD that killed Mom & Dad. Priority 2: Dammit Prof Tanner, stop being so hot! #Steampunk #PitMad #NA

Little Red Riding Hood steampunk retelling. The search for a cure. A wolfish professor. A contract to sign, a game to play. #PitMad

JR Howard @JRHoward9
Luke pulverized Sloane's heart. 5 years later she's determined to hold onto her emotions & panties regardless of Luke's plans #NA #R

After his brother's death Luke spurned the person who loved him most. To get her back he'll risk his comfortable life and new gf #NA #pitmad

Juliet Chatham @JulietChatham
Stunned by the death of his best friend, Joe is torn between brotherly loyalty and his desire for the girl they both loved. #NA #R #PitMad

Devastated by death of his best friend, Joe struggles w/warring emotions & long-hidden feelings for the girl he can’t have  #NA #R #PitMad

Katie Bailey @EmmaCarelli
Scarred past repair, Tris hates her very skin, but w/help from a pseudo-hippie in dreads, she may learn she's more than her pain. NA #pitmad

People aren't supposed to be polka dotted. Too bad compulsive-mutilator Tris didn't get the memo. NA contemp romance #pitmad

Katie Bono @lilk8tob
"I kill everything I touch"- OK to say about gardening. But not to your patient. Nursing school: NAILED it. NA #pitmad

Katie Teller @KatieTeller1
NA Hist Rom. Falling for Pete in 1920's Georgia would be fine if he were white. Despite the looming KKK, Ginny can't resist him. #Pitmad

Kaelyn Christian @kaelynsue
Reese is torn between her loyalty to her gay "ex" boyfriend, who hasn't publicly come out, and her passion for TA Dominic. #NA #Pitmad

Kim Welsman @KimWelsman
At 19, French royal Olivia combs her English Aunt’s estate for family secrets, determined to discover what haunts her at night. #NA #pitmad

Kit Forbes @kitforbeswrites
THE PRINCE & ME meets SCANDAL when history major Katrina’s nerdy, regal boyfriend takes her for a walk on the royal side. #PitMad #NA

? LDCrichton ? @LDCrichton
Rape victim learns how to trust again, how to love herself again, and most importantly how to kick her attackers ass. #PitMad #NA

Lindsey @LindzG
Every girl has that one guy they'll never let go of and never forget. Will Beth's 1st love show at her 10 year HS reunion? #NA #YA #pitmad

Lucy Aslan @_LucyAslan
A 21-year-old virgin running a strip club? Since when did Amelia's life turn into the punch line of a bad joke? #pitmad #NA #R

When 21yo Amelia inherits a strip club from the father she never knew, it can only be a recipe for disaster. #NA #PitMad #R.

Madeline Dyer @MadelineDyerUK
Nat's trained by the government to impersonate others. What she doesn't know is that she's helping their murderers #pitmad #SF NA

Marjorie Brimer @MargieBrimer
Henley is bad luck 2 politician dad. Moving 2 India & falling 4 Amil-who struggles with committing gendercide on sis=worse luck #NA #Pitmad

Megan Taylor @MayhamMegan
When a mountain village needs help, Cam answers. Success leads to questions about powers she didn't know existed. #PitMad #SF #NA

Morgan Jerkins @MorganTheScribe
A traumatized man decides to create his own therapy by avenging the death of the woman he saw murdered fifteen years ago.

15 years after he witnessed a brutal murder, Joseph's lured into a revenge plot that threatens his fragile recovery. #NA

Naazish YarKhan @yarkhan
Girl power & the gumption to wrangle w/ a curveball called autism #India EVEN THE PEACOCK CRIES #literary multicultural #WF #NA #A #pitmad

Philip Ray @ShinobiJedi42
A xenoarcheologist struggles to find employment, so he joins a crew of space pirates who seek an ancient alien treasure. #NA #SF #Pitmad

R.E. Carter @AuthorRECarter
hair stylist for the dead falls for a genetically altered Achilles in a ruthless corporate setting. Lies, betrayal. #NA #pitmad diverse mc's

Sarai Henderson @SHenderson1984
#PitMad #NA Tabor, a self proclaimed magical misfit who only wants to rid herself of the psycho that wants to kill her.

Susan @smnystoriak
#pitmad #NA 200yoMusic&TimeTrain bring 21st C guy face2face w/destiny. Falling 4 a 19th C girl: unexpected! Letters2Juliet/Back2theFuture

susan taitel @SusanTaitel
At 14 Nora fell for a vampire. At 20 she dumps the deadweight and moves in with her mom. #NA PR #pitmad

Suzanne Schultz Pick @suzelibrarian
 #pitmad NA When Machlan realizes his new girlfriend is power-hungry, he decides to eliminate some friends on their way to fame and fortune.

In Ambition, a modern Macbeth, a couple plots a murder or two in order to fulfill a prophecy of success in a goth nightclub. #pitmad NA Thr

NA Madness, ambition, and romance collide in a nightclub when a disturbed young couple seeks success in a modern Macbeth retelling.

T.K. Connor @T_K_Connor
Embarrassing sleeping disorders make relationships tricky. So not falling for the college hunk is imperative. Also impossible #pitmad NA

Tonya Johnson @tnjohnson1111
22yo Kip is lying about college, failing his own mission & has stumbled onto PhaseOne. Life's about to suck even more. NA/Thriller #pitmad


A.B.Funkhauser @iamfunkhauser
Clayton stole the prepaid funeral deposits and took off. His body's in the attic. #PitMad #A #F

Adonna Lane @AdonnaLane
Judging cheating men is what divorce attorney Simone does best. But someone doesn’t like it, and decides to teach her a lesson. #PitMad

Ailish Sinclair @AilishSinclair
Scotland's all castles and lochs and perfects boyfriends, right? The dark of the dungeon soon proves otherwise. #PitMad #A

Alan Atchison @AlanRAtchison
Finding themselves eight months “pregnant,” Ryan & Megan prepare for their first baby. Until everything goes horribly wrong. #LitFic

Alexis Krystina @alexiskrystina
Elizabeth finds herself unnervingly close to her deadly fate after recklessly breaking the promise that was meant to save her. #pitmad

Allison Carroll @hitherand
It's Pygmalion mixed with The Matrix, played out in the NYC subways. With faeries. Starring Lorde. HITHERANDTHITHERING #PITMAD #UF

Allyson Crowell @allysonjbird
A father in Mexico pays a coyote to bring his daughters to the U.S. to work as waitresses. They wind up becoming sex slaves.

Alyssa Carlier @sisterofsilence
When an assassin botches a job for a dictator, she must reconcile with her estranged rebel father before her client kills him. #A #PitMad

Amanda Moon @amandamoon
Can she come 2 terms with agoraphobia, find a way 2 manage panic attacks, & donate a kidney? Her sister's life depends on it #PitMad  #wf #a

She hasn't left house n 4 yrs. Now her sister needs a kidney. Can she overcome panic attacks & get 2 hospital b4 its 2 l8? #PitMad  #wf #a

Home-based job, everything available via delivery, no reason 2 leave house in 4 yrs. Except now sister needs kidney & u can't #PitMad #wf #a

Ami Hendrickson @MuseInks
A dog rescuer is blackmailed into abducting Hollywood's hottest leading man. At least her BFF made cookies. Bk Club/ Mystery #pitmad

Amy Paulussen @AmyPaulussen
Kiwi Actress in crisis
confesses to French priest
then recognises him,
a boy loved and lost
20 years ago.
Reconciliation hurts.
#pitmad #wf

Aneta Cruz @AnetaCruz
#pitmad #A Jewish psychiatrist is on the verge of uncovering the veracity of a thousand year old myth, but the Nazis are quickly catching up

Dr. Stein, seeker of otherworldly beings, is about to identify a monster that is taking Jewish kids when the Nazis interfere. #pitmad #A

Angela Greenlief @AngelaGreenlief
Strange is my name & strange this ground.Strange it is I can't be found.Msg left by William Strange after he meets Amira. #Pitmad #A #SFF

Angela Pisel @angelapisel
Sophie’s husband doesn’t know she has a mother on death row. New evidence forces her to choose. Save her mother or herself. WF

Grace knows the exact minute she will die. On death row, she focuses on one thing-saving her daughter before their time runs out. #pitmad WF

Anne Lipton @AnneLipton
A Texan Stephanie Plum meets Indy Jones in THE EMERALD EYE: She chases Celtic treasure. Charming Irish lads—& the IRA—chase her. #A #PitMad

Aria Glazki @AriaGlazki
Gina is done with men, esp. rich ones. But the bartender/vineyard owner she slept with at her BFF's wedding can't forget her. #PitMad #A #R

Author Gina Whitney @ginamwhitney
Gia's a con artist looking for a paycheck, Abel's a rock god looking for a sub. Feelings emerge before the truth. #A Erotica #PitMad

Abel's a rocker who dominates more than just the stage. Gia's a grifter, out for a score. The hunter becomes the hunted. A Erotica #PitMad

Bitty Martin @BittyMart
WEDDING HEX - a different twist to "the Husband's Secret" #pitmad #A

BJ Muntain @BJMuntain
Assassinations. Double agents. Aliens? If 2 agents can’t work together to find out, Earth is doomed. Space opera meets MIB #PitMad #A #SFF

Brandon Foy @BrandonFoyBooks
Step inside the mind of a serial killer as he attempts to turn a detective to his side. #pitmad #thriller

Brian O'Conor @Brian_OConor518
Alexia braves clockwork outlaws, vicious wildlings & deceitful gods after an unexpected romance with a tyrant's daughter.  #pitmad #A #SFF

Brian Ward @TalksNTights
When your team leader's telepathic, can you really trust any of your voluntary decisions? A voice in the back of my head says yes. #pitmad

Cairo Amani @CairoAmani
You know the story. Girl loses arm. Girl takes a god's arm. Girl tries to save her mother. #pitmad #LGBT #poc #sff #a

 An heiress, a scholar and a necromancer walk into a tavern...stop me if you've heard this one. #sff #A #lgbt #poc #pitmad

Ciahnan Quinn @CiahnanQuinn
Raped, blinded, made a child bride, then abandoned in a foreign land, I survived. Don't you dare pity me. #PitMad #a

Cameron L. Mitchell @CameronLMitchel
Summer ends in tragedy for a southern boy when he’s led into the woods by his father, an unstable man who reveals his true self #PitMad #A

A boy struggles w/a violent father, confusing feelings for his best friend, & a nightly visitor he prays isn't real #PitMad #A

Candice E Hart @CandiceEHart
A magical, royal life should be easy but for Tarina the only thing keeping her sane in the battle against evil is her Dom. #pitmad #A #F #R

Carly Beattie @CarlyJ26
Woman falls in love with a younger man only to discover he was cell mates with her ex who stalked and tried to kill her #PitMad

Carol Ayer @storyparkgirl
Visiting Hollywood actress Katrina is murdered at StoryWorld--right in the middle of Sleeping Beauty. Whodunit and how? #pitmad #A #mys cozy

Carol J. Garvin @caroljgarvin
UNLIKELY SHOWDOWN: Competition in the professional dog show world escalates to the point of becoming a destructive obsession. #PitMad #A

ChristineClemetson @cdclemetson
People say accidents happen. Not when it killed his mother. He's out for revenge. And that won't be any accident.  #pitmad #A

Christopher Keelty @keeltyc
Preston gave up hunting killers, but a brutal online video and the ghost of a victim send him back to work. 82K #A #Thriller #PitMad

Preston has fallen in love with a ghost--but catching her killer might mean he never sees her again. 82K #A #Thriller #PitMad

RED DRAGON meets GHOST as Preston Wilford tracks a sadistic killer while falling in love with a ghost who may be his victim. 82K #PitMad #A

C.L. Ogilvie @CLOgilvie
Woman has to get her BFF to her wedding but they're stuck in 1539 impersonating a princess and her royal translator. #WF #PitMad

Cody Hagy @OrdoCorvus
Mix one part Lisbeth, one part Katniss, a touch of MIchael Westin, add Errol Flynn for flavor. Blend with coup d'etat #pitmad #Fantasy

Colleen Halverson @cbhalverson
Magic books. Immortal Celtic Warriors. A faerie civil war. It’s no legend. It’s graduate school #A #F #R #pitmad

Connie Keller @CMKellerWrites
As WW2 takes Holland, a woman must chose to love her missing husband, hide her Jewish niece, & embrace death to survive. #PitMad #WF

Courtney Sloan @writingtiger
Monsters are the government. Blood the currency. And Rowan has a killer to find. #pitmad #A #UF

Dina @dinahavranek
81yo Mona must get a vintage car and an alien out of her garden to get her quiet life back in MRS. PETERMAN’S BENTLEY #pitmad #SFF

She’s gone viral! 81yo Mona must get a vintage car and an alien out of her garden to get everyone off her lawn #pitmad #SFF

EB Wheeler @EB_Wheeler
Victorian reimagining of The Ballad of Tam Lin. MCs must stop the Faerie Queen from paying her debt to Hell in human blood. #pitmad #SFF

Ella Dyson @EllaDyson42
Katya was sent to kill a rebel. She didn’t expect phoenixes, fallen constellations, or the children of Prometheus #pitmad #UF

Emerson Steele @EmersonSteele
Young attorney learns his wife was involved with his client before client killed her. It's not the only secret she was keeping. #pitmad #A

Young corporate attorney goes to Rio to close a major deal and finds himself at odds with an ambitious female CIA officer

Emily McKeon @ERMcKeon
 1920s Coriander City is tough on a female detective, but Jane Cassidy isn't deterred.THE SHADOW meets DICK TRACY. #PitMad #A

Emily Verona @emilyrverona
When the first victim of her serial killer grandfather is found years later, Charlotte looks to understand a man she never met. #A #PitMad

Charlotte says her grandfather was a murderer. Her brother's new boyfriend thinks he was innocent. Only one of them can be right. #A #PitMad

Erica Maines @Ericamaines
"There is no god!" turns into "Ohhh myy god!" when a straight-laced exec learns she's bedded a modern day deity #A #pitmad #erotica #romance

2014: Iliad meets JRWard. Toronto Cosmopolitan, Italy-Amalfi Coast, #PitMad #A ErotRom #SERIES #UF #Romance #PitMad

Fiona Marsden @FionaMMarsden
7yrs ago Lucas left not knowing Harriet would never walk again. Now he's back & knows she lied. Can they forgive each other?  #Pitmad #R

Frances Berry @frannyfroofroo
Career making Antarctic research, new species found, best day ever? Unfortunately, I'm also hearing voices. Well researched sci. #A #pitmad

Gabby Gilliam @pixxiecrafter
Gram's pyrotechnics killed Gramps. Will Jody defend Gram, or seek justice for Gramps?#pitmad #A

Gail Schimmel @GailSchimmel
Life becomes complicated when a new friend fails to collect her daughter from a sleepover - and even the police can't find her.  #pitmad WF

Gina M Smith @hpsgsmith
Reporter becomes the story. Fired on nat'l TV, divorced and homeless. Finds redemption, new love, unusual job  #A #PitMad

Your mama always said you'd meet a nice girl when homeless, selling your blood for money at the plasma center. W/side of Kerouac. #PitMad #A

Nice guy finishes last. Homeless. Gets a do-over, gets the girl. Kerouac-like tale w/adventure, romance, dark humor. #PitMad #A

Unemployed writer must sell Kerouac treasure to save himself. He helps fellow homeless + gets right girl. #PitMad #Adult.

Gina Wynn @Gina_Wynn
 #pitmad #WF The difference between soul mate and best friend, and deciding which is the better one to be married to isn't always obvious. #A

G.L. Morgan @GLMorganAuthor
The Cauldron Bearer is a retelling of the Welsh folk story “The Spoils of Annwfyn” set in fourth-century Britain #PitMad #A #Historical

Haley Williams @HaleyWilliams64
A married female soldier returns home haunted by the death of her fellow comrade and lover who is also...her sister's husband.

Heather @HLWampler
Piper thinks Bryce is the man for her.  After their weekend away she's ready to settle down. So is his fiance. #pitmad #erotic

Piper can't stand her boss. So why is she falling for him? It's hard to think when you're always between the sheets though #Erotic

Piper sucks at relationships. When she ends up in bed with the most eligible bachelor she has no idea the wild ride she's on. #pitmad #er

Heidi Reimer @Heidi_Reimer
2 women discover they’re in rltnshps w the same man & are forced to wake from the false lives they didn’t know they were living. #PitMad #WF

Helen Lane @hf_lane82
#HF #pitmad. The roots of an age old ethnic and religious conflict. Israel’s greatest King, a divided nation and a family at war.

Inola Writes @InolaWrites
Dishonorably discharged from the Air Fleet, Lona Sparks is on a mission to take down the Admiral who framed her. African-Am Space Op #pitmad

Jaclyn Davis @jaclyndavis01
 1859 London:Falling 4 asylum dr. may cause 20yo Kat to lose the family she's trying 2 keep intact & also entangle her in insanity.#PitMad #A

Jake Devlin @RealJakeDevlin
A billionaire buys the US government, fires all politicians, tries to fix it, while assassination plots multiply around him. #PitMad

James Eliasberg @EBerg57
1969. Murder at the CIA. An experimental program using hypnosis, drugs and sex. Strange clues and a stranger solution. #Pitmad

James Ormonde @jimormonde
World's most ancient secret is unveiled as scientists looking to extend life uncover the secret of death & a plot to cull mankind #PitMad #A

Jami Deise @JamiDeise
Erin and Jack have a mixed marriage: Democrat and Republican. Can they survive his job as the new Rush Limbaugh? #WF #A

Janet Wrenn @KitaraLeMur
Vodou spirits enlist the help of a bi-racial cop and a gay ghost for a rescue mission when one of their own gets possessed. #PitMad #UF

Jean Mead @JeanCMead
A fixer upper to decorate, a sexy ghost’s soul to save and a hot Southern man to woo–life as a single mom just got interesting #PitMad #A PR

Kat’s fixer upper is haunted by a Scottish hottie & only her magic can save him, but a sexy Southerner has other plans. #A PR #pitmad

Jen Fernicola Ronay @FernRonay
#PitMad #WF
Sex & the City + Ghost + Everybody Loves Raymond = single, 29yo lawyer is guided in her dreams by her dead Italian grandparents.

Veronica's dead grandparents have guided her from the other side but can she employ what she's learned on this side of life?

Jenn Hoopes @DumplingJenn
She's a librarian with a secret. He's an undercover sheriff trying to take down a drug ring in her branch. #PitMad #A #SmallTownRomance

Jenna L Patrick @JennaLPatrick
When a runaway claims to be his daughter, a small town crazy must forgive his tragic mistake or risk failing as a father again.  #pitmad #WF

Jennifer Brinkmeyer @jjbrinkmeyer
#PitMad #A #Horror With her new probiotic, Evelyn prevents death. Now accidents like the one her mom caused won't happen. They'll be worse.

Jennifer Darrell @jdarrell323
She saw him once before she went blind. Is he with her out of love or guilt? Can she know for sure? #pitmad #a #litfic

A gay man with a failed marriage is caught between the man who wants to move forward and the woman he can't get past. #PitMad #A #LitFic

Jennifer Hesse @JenniferHesse3
When her client’s rare book goes missing, Keli has 2 weeks to find it or kiss her legal career goodbye. Time for some Wiccan magic. #PitMad

When Keli is blamed for the loss of her client's rare Shakespeare work, she must catch the thief or lose her job. Magical cozy. #PitMad

Jennifer James @JenniferJames34
Keep his promise to his best friend or lose the girl who's never left his side? #R #pitmad #NA

Jennifer Novotney @jennovotney
Don't get caught in a lie, mess with Roman's money, or get involved with a Hatcher brother. She'd broken all three rules.#pitmad

#YA Go Ask Alice meets The Fault in Our Stars with an edgy twist. Kelly just wants a normal life and for him to finally notice her. #pitmad.

Jenny Ferguson @jennyleeSD
#PitMad #A Lily’s family life implodes when once-lover Moose reveals she's lied all summer about the bio-dad she shares with two campers. LF

Jessa Russo @JessaRusso
Brand was the swim champ.Sage was the rebel-punk foster kid.Their passion nearly drowned them. Will they dive back in again? #PitMad A ErRom

jodi sh. doff @jshdoff
NYC '75:Nice Jewish girl walks into a topless bar. 152 cases of vodka, 10 yrs, 2 dead bodies & 1 hustler later, she walks out. #CNF #PitMad

Kal Kaminer @kalkaminer
Retelling of Peter Pan through the POV of a female Captain Hook, who loves him -- though one day a sword will meet a hook. #PitMad #SFF #A

Kara @kwierg
Modern-day Little Mermaid w/ twist: what happens if Prince rejects her? Getting to Happily Ever After = it's complicated. #R

karin baine @karinbaine1
Commitment-phobe turns BFF to help jilted romantic find a replacement groom before he's forced to volunteer. #pitmad #A #romcom

Kat Daemon @KatDaemon
Does it count as cheating if the man you're having an affair with was your husband in a past life? #MagicalRealism #WomensFic #Adult

An emotional affair can be just as damaging. Especially if you knew the guy in a past life. #Pitmad #Adult #womensfiction #magicalrealism

I've loved her for over 500 yrs, across 5 separate lifetimes. I don't know what's worse: Her lack of memory or her husband. #Pitmad #Adult

Kate Sheeran Swed @katesheeranswed
Adopted by superheroes. Beset by sibling rivalry. Pursuing a fiery enemy; pursued by a cop and a movie star. #A #SFF #PitMad

Keith Fentonmiller @KFentonmiller
Inequality of the sexes rankles Diana down to her DNA, because her ancestor was Daphne, water nymph of Greek mythology.#pitmad #A #MR #WF

Kelly Evans @ChaucerBabe
When Aelfgifu of Northampton loses her throne she must fight to protect herself & her family from the very woman who usurped her. #pitmad #A

Kelly Miller @MillerMystery
Father walks out. To get attention, daughter lies about attempted abduction. Mad man turns her fictional story into a reality. #PitMad  #A

Kimberly Unger @ing3nu
#pitmad The Lysistrata set against the tumultuous backdrop of videogame development.

K.N. Lee @KNycole_Lee
A slave to the humans, Freya vividly remembers her mother's last words. "Don't believe them. We were once gods, Freya. Gods..." #pitmad

Kristin Márie @Eris0303
Hollywood's harsh klieg lights can shine and they can burn. Suzy Doran shares what happens when they go out. #pitmad #A

Is it possible to get back to reality after four years of living the Hollywood dream? #pitmad #A

Larissa Weatherall @LarissaDot
After a painful divorce and months of being alone what if your first love pulled you close and said “I never stopped loving you” #A #PitMad

Laura Brown @AuthorLBrown
Nica risks losing job & heart after a night with deaf Cam—a dying client’s relative—violates more than company policy. #A #R

Lauren Stacks @LaurenStacks
2 sisters, 1 boy-next-door, & a small town watching every poor decision they make. THE PARIS WIFE meets OLIVE KITTERIDGE. #PitMad #A #HIST

Boy-crazy Evelyn and her anxiety-ridden sister Clara come of age in WWII America--all while falling for the same man. #PitMad #A #HIST

Laurie Litwin @book_laurie
What if Janis Joplin was the only one who could answer questions about your past? #PitMad

Lenore Lock @LenoreLock
Ornithologist Matilde risks heart to discover if Christian is US criminal hiding in Mexico, fortune hunter, or protector. #pitmad #A #His #R

Liana LeFey @LianaLeFey
5 yrs ago Sorin fled a scandalous desire. Can he resist it again when he returns to find his temptation still unwed? HOT Regency #PitMad #R

London’s rake supreme Roland inherits a charity with strings attached: Harriett, his brother’s feisty fiancé. HOT Georgian #R #pitmad

Libby Copa @LibbyCopa
After the war, Hester takes in an orphan who speaks to the dead. #HistFic #pitmad

Lily Mars @LilyMarsWrites
Former con artist &ex-con beau must find reviled gossip columnist's murderer before kills again. Spirited whodunit in 1930s NYC.

Former con artist and her ex-con beau must stop murderer of gossip columnist before he kills again in fun romp through 1930s NYC. #pitmad #A

Lindsay Emory @Lindsay_Emory
Murder in the sorority house. Everyone's blonde & everyone's  a suspect. Elle Woods X Jessica Fletcher #Cozy #mys #A #pitmad

Lisa Houghton @LisaKHoughton
She ran away to escape the past he’s digging up. She needs to stop him before she falls into bed w/ him. Or worse, in love w/ him.#PitMad CR

When a scary-hot guy comes looking for her ponzi scheming sort-of ex-husband, what’s a trophy wife turned waitress to do? #PitMad CR #A

Liz @bibliophileliz
When Nazi deserter conceives child in hiding, threat of capture & execution force him to rely on the same colleagues he ran from. #PitMad #A

Liz Lincoln @TheLizLincoln
Creepy clowns. Dead bodies. Stolen identities. Hot sex. Vintage cars. Hot sex in (& on) vintage cars. Cherries. HEA. #A #R

 #pitmad #R #A Det falls for witness to her cousin's murder. Their spark's hot, but can he keep her safe & break down her walls to find HEA?

Lucy Goacher @LucyMGoacher
Book-obsessed makeup artist turns amateur sleuth by using the clichés of crime fiction and her makeover skills to solve a mystery. #pitmad

Maggie Sparkman @MaggieSparkman
Unable to find a job, law grad finds 1st case while working as bartender, but ends up over her head in trying to get her feet wet #a #pitmad

My Cousin Vinny meets Stephanie Plum. Baby lawyer tending bar learns courtroom discovery can lead to discovery of a deadly plot. #pitmad #a

Mandy Earles @meryvamp
Planet of the Apes meets X-Men for YA. To save the human race, Eliana must destroy her bond w/ a sinister alien named Mavrok #SFF #pitmad

Mara Kim Heil @MaraKHeil
Survival bunker Domus admits only the wealthy elite.  But Katie and her kids - and her zombie bite - prove otherwise. #A #pitmad

Marlena Frank @MarlenaFrank
Mysterious disappearances in the Old West. A pair of supernatural detectives are on the case, if they can get along. #A #Horror #PitMad

Matt Coleman @coleman_matt
To find a missing student, a first-year teacher must keep from losing himself in the hillbilly noir of rural Arkansas. #PitMad #A

Matthew Perrino @MJ_Perrino
20 year old Tyler Lowd trespasses into an abandoned mental asylum...and becomes a patient. #pitmad #PsychologicalThriller #A

Matthew W. Quinn @MatthewWQuinn
Atlanta teen faces Lovecraftian horror in small-town Georgia in THE THING IN THE WOODS. #pitmad #SFF.

Matthew S. Rotundo @Matthewsrotundo
A philanthropist must confront her dark past when the Unseen, a secret order of monsters, target her adopted hometown.  #PitMad #SFF

Megan Easley-Walsh @MEasleyWalsh
Upstate NY
A gift of a fortune cookie is about to change everything.
Uncover the archaeological past
& Photograph the future.

MelissaBaileyVolker @MissyAnnV
Kate falls for hot surfer,unaware he opposes her windfarm.<3 blossoms but radical greenies plot her demise.Can<3& Kate survive?#PitMad #A #R

Meredith Morgenstern @AuthorMeredith
#A #Ftsy #Hist 500-YO witch Atya is caught in a battle not her own; her sacrifices will give her the power to lift an ancient curse #PitMad

Mia Sosa @miasosaromance
She'll learn she can’t control everything—not her mother’s cancer, not her parents’ mounting debt, and especially not love. #pitmad #A #R

Micah Joel _ @micahpedia
Computer geek, burned out on technology, retires to a pastoral life. Wakes up in Bronze Age, and must reinvent the future. #PitMad #A #SFF

Michael Ferrence @MilkFuzz
From the mundane to the majestic, everything that has ever happened to us has profoundly shaped us. #PitMad #A #NA

Michele Johnson @Michelehome
Kyra is a descendant of the Pied Piper and can manipulate people with music. When you control music, every note is a weapon #pitmad

Michelle Beahm @michelle_beahm
Djinni Sabin must stop a spell to enslave him for eternity or else everyone he cares about will die, possibly at his own hand. #PitMad #A UF

michelle schwartz @michellelisaNYC
Rebecca meet Karma.  She’s a bitch. Ready or not she’s coming for you. It’s gonna get ugly. Can you handle it?  #pitmad #na #a #wf

Missy Shelton Belote @missyin10ec
When Prince & wife grapple w/ infertility heartbreak, royal family urges divorce & tabloids obsess over this unusual sex scandal #PitMad #WF

Mitali Mahajani @mitalisms
Mia is falling in love with her husband. The trouble is she’s a clone without memories and he's the man who owns her. #PitMad #SFF #A

A clone without memories trains to replace her deceased original. But becoming Mia Spencer means she'll never truly be herself #PitMad SF #A

Monty Deeks @Monty_Deeks
You lie to police, then can't change your story when a girl's charged w/ murder. Now you have to solve the crime yourself. #PitMad #A #myst

Nan Comargue @NanComargue
Adopted from India as a baby, Detective Rane Summers searches for a murderer in the perfect Indo-Canadian family. Mystery/Crime. #pitmad

Natasha Raulerson @ThirtyNerdy
Mac learns her mortal enemy is working with a ghost from her past--and it changes everything she thought she knew.  #UF #A #Pitmad

Nick Belardes @nickbelardes
It takes a breakup and a national tragedy for Paul to realize why he survived nearly drowning as a boy. #Latino #PitMad #A

Peggy Rothschild @PegRothschild
Miranda’s past draws her into the crosshairs of a killer. Old friends become enemies & new enemies potential allies. #Thriller #PitMad #A

When she woke in a strange house & found 6 dead bodies, Miranda ran. 10yrs later, a trip home sets the killer on her trail.  #PitMad #A

Psychobabble @psychobabbleguy
Working night shift on the psych ward - the only difference between us and the patients? We have the keys #F #A #PitMad

Rachael Stapleton @RaquelleJaxson
Armed with only her cursed gem & knowledge of the past, a librarian attempts to uncover the man who has killed her in every life. #PitMad #A

In 1920, a time-traveler is murdered over a cursed jewel. The dilemma? Her killer has followed her back into her present life

INDIANA JONES meets OUTLANDER, Sophia thrust into a past life by a charmed ring must uncover her killer or die trying once again. #PitMad #A

Rebecca Elise @R_EliseWrites
Rosen finds an Italian manuscript & shes forced to outrun things much worse than assassins-deadly fate is catching up to her #PitMad

Rena Olsen @originallyrena
Clara's husband is arrested, charged w human trafficking. Now she must choose where her loyalties lie. #Pitmad

Clara raised them as her own daughters. She didn't know her husband kidnapped them to be sold to the highest bidder. #Pitmad

Rhea Roy Ganguly @rhearoy10
Murder, conspiracy & intrigue meet head-on when an Indian girl falls for a charismatic American with a lethal past #pitmad #A #suspense

Riley Miller @RileyMillerTime
THE KILLING  meets DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. An au pair's murder investigation is complicated by dark family secret. DomesticThriller #pitmad #A

Domestic Thriller:Au pair investigates her boss's murder. Complications? Obsession. Infidelity.A family secret too close to home. #PitMad

SA Blumenschein @SBlumenschein
While battling aliens, Col. Graham clings to morals, but Earth needs a ruthless savior—how far will she go for justice? SF #A #PitMad

Col. Reilly Graham uploads an alien race’s complete knowledge into her mind to save Earth—but it might destroy her first. #SF #A #PitMad

Sally Kerr-Dineen @sallykerrdineen
Killing your own Alzhiemer’s riddled grandmother? Seems like an option for Kate. Anything to get her life back before it’s too late.

Sandra Cormier @Chumplet
A groom is murdered during a charity polo match, sparking a feud that leads to mayhem at the remote family lodge. #MALLET #MYS #pitmad

The murder of a groom at a charity polo match leads to a weekend of greed, suspicion & more death at a remote lodge. 64K #MYS #pitmad

Sara Gregory @writer_sara_g
#PitMad While battling corrupt politicians & thugs, a Jewish man & a Muslim woman develop a friendship stronger than what divides them.#A

Scarlett Knight @knighterotica
Struggling cafe owner doesn't realize she's falling in love with the CEO of her direct competition. #pitmad #eroticromance

Scott Alumbaugh @scottalumbaugh
 #PitMad #A - Prius driver running over local cyclists. Or is it an EV? Enviro conscious? Sure. But deadly. Work-at-home dad investigates.

S.E. Carson @QueSe_raSarah
"Eating disorder"? I prefer the word "artistry". But this girl could undo all my work if she learns the truth: my medium is lies. #pitmad

S.E. Dee @bluebicblog
Amid hours of freedom fighting, Lance learns the city’s dictator & rebel activist are connected. Now he has hours to live. #A #pitmad

Shannon D Caldwell @YogaShay
Mossad agent Leo will have 2 depend on a Valium-prone professor 2 stop a killer, but it’s their hearts in the most danger. #pitmad #A Rom

Shari Cylinder @shari_writes
1957: Charlotte sends a message in a bottle to her baby-to-be. 56 years later: Remi finds it & is inspired to follow her whisper.

Sheilagh G. Lee @SweetSheil
Death had no bounds for Kathleen. She died, came back, and now sees ghosts while solving mysteries in 1881 London,Ontario,Canada #pitmad

Sherri Ann Ogden @PursuingAuthor
When Caroline is kidnapped she doesn't  realize that her and her captor have something in common: they've both killed someone.

Shonda Brock @shondabrock
To catch a killer you have to become one! But when too much blood is spilled its hard to define a true killer. #PitMad #A

Skye Lane @Skyelanewriter
Amer. journalist in torrid relationship w/Serbian propagandist during Yugoslav Wars. A COVENANT OF  POPPIES. #thriller #histfic #RF  #pitmad

#A  set in Belgrade, Serbia. Amer. Journalist covering Yugoslav Wars must choose between lies and love #Thriller #HistFic #RF

Stacey Hertz @HertzStacey
Hannah finds a book and realizes it is about her own life. The story reaches the present moment.There are 236 pages left. #pitmad #WF #A #MR

Steamy Reilly @Steamy_Reilly ·
A suicidal man is offered the location of his sister's body & her murderer in return for completing three tasks. #pitmad #SupernaturalCrime

Stephanie Pitsirilos @zoehealth
Memories of a lost city become the salvation and ruin of a village resisting the German occupation of Greece.

Sue Coletta @SueColetta1
When a loner cat burglar mistakenly steals a killer’s trophy box, life spirals downhill. He knows where she lives.Nowhere is safe #PitMad #A

suzannereisman @suzannereisman
1930s Warsaw: a young man juggles his Hasidic traditions, secret girlfriends, black market trade, & the looming Nazi shadow. #PitMad #A

Young man torn between religious tradition and modern life in 1930s Warsaw has joke for every situation. #PitMad #A

Terry Rodgers @TerryRodgers
Two women with equally dark pasts square of in a deadly game. Both have killed before. Both will kill again. #Pitmad #A

A sociopathic killer is out for revenge, and she loves to play with power tools. Silence of the Lambs meets Basic Instinct #Pitmad #Crime

Tiffany Crum @tlcrum
Dying, an acupuncturist has his assistant pen a note. Will she relay it to his widow even though it implicates her in his death? #pitmad #LF

Tiffany Rose @FromPawnToQueen
Hacking is easy, saving the world might be and fine and dandy, but hiding stolen prized tech? That’s the tricky part. #PitMad - #A #SFF

When people become our most advanced technology, Scott will brave anything if it means saving his sister. Even cat videos. #Pitmad - #A #SFF

Tiffany Rosenthal @TRosauthor
Former sex slave Lily wanted revenge when she joined Interpol, til she’s sworn to protect a man that makes her shake w/ desire #pitmad #A

Lily’s spent 10 yrs hunting human traffickers & she’s loved every minute. Until she finds someone she loves more than the job.

Tim Fall @tim_fall
#pitmad After teaching 2d grade all year what Elise wanted was summer vacation. What she got was an abandoned teen and a kidnapped 8 yr old.

Tricia Quinnies @TriciaQuinnies
To redeem her father's rep in the art world a shy curator teams up w/ a sexy sculptor to pull off a museum heist. Cont.rom. #pitmad

Trish Arcangelo @TrishArcangelo
Stranded after surviving a global pandemic, she must trust an escaped convict in an effort to find her family.  #pitmad #R

Wendy L. Baldwin @WLBaldwin
What's a girl to do when she finds  husband with another man? Trust gut. Align chakras. Ignore sister. Flirt! With Martinis #pitmad #WF

wendy vogel @drwendyv
Khalira must master disparate powers to defeat king who steals women's magic by tattooing w ashes of murdered flamewalkers

Zach Powers @Z_Powers
Landis just wants to be happy, find a girl, and fit in with his friends—if only he can survive a kaiju attacking the city. #pitmad #A

Marvel Comics meets Murakami as everyman Landis looks for a normal life in a city of superheroes, hitmen & an angry giant monster #pitmad #A

Middle Grade

Abby Goldsmith @Abbyland
Ender's Game + Spartacus = Disabled 12-yo telepath must save adults + escape a city where secrets & lies are impossible. #pitmad #SFF

Telepaths will kill Thomas if he aids slaves such as his friends. How to escape a city where lies and secrets are impossible? #pitmad #SFF

Thomas has a constant inner audience. They praise him, but will kill him if he tries to save his friends from slavery & death. #pitmad #SFF

AJ Vanderhorst @ajvan
12yo-Conley’s house speaks to him. But when it tricks him into freeing a killer dragon, he has to save his city from the flames. #PitMad MG

A.M. Buxton @AMBuxton
Friendship is the one equation this nine-year old genius can't solve, so she decides to remove a variable…her intelligence.  #MG #pitmad

Anne Boyle @JanetBoyle10
#pitmad #mg Raspberry is 12yo and thinks she is being stalked by a ghost. Mum is a white witch, Aunt is a TV diva. Adams Family meets Ab Fab

Archit Jaswal @TheArchitJaswal
Lee gets trapped in the House Of Horrors with a girl with no mouth and a psychopath who plays mind games. #MG Thriller #PitMad

Ashley Morrison @AMorrison712
The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland meets Flora and Ulysses. A quest to bring back magic in a land torn apart by a curse. #pitmad MG F

Beth Thomas @BethAnnieT
 "Of course I'm a medium. All my smalls are too little." 11yo Cass must OWN her new abilities before the ghosts drive her insane.

A group of friends must solve a small town mystery to send a wee ghost on his way before he is captured by a bounty hunter.

Brian Montanaro @brianmontanaro
 After his house mysteriously burns to the ground, David’s nightmares come to life at his relative’s secluded house in the woods. #MG

Carey O'Connor @OConnorCarey
 MG: To avenge her sis, Lux, 12, must take a seat at school’s elite table & foil a rival group’s scheme. THE GODFATHER + MEAN GIRLS #pitmad

Casey Lyall @CKLyall
When 12 y/o P.I. Howard breaks his own rules to catch a blackmailer, he risks losing his business and his new Girl Friday. #PitMad #MG #Noir

When Howard's blackmail case goes sideways, the 12 y/o P.I. has to trust his new Girl Friday or close his agency for good. #PitMad #MG #Noir

Cath Schaff-Stump @cathschaffstump
#pitmad Abby and Vince's parents haven't told them everything about their monster hunting past, which comes to find Abby and Vince. #MG

Colleen Bennett @bennettwrites
Axed & attempting tourney comeback, 5th gr math whiz faces sabotage, prejudice, & problems so hard … only a genius could win.

Colten Hibbs @Colten_Hibbs
To wake their enchanted town Bianca & Scarlett must use their newfound powers to aid a magical madman, or lose everyone forever.
MG #PitMad

David Oarr @davidoarr
Molly must choose between her best friend and her father. One has magic, one hunts those with magic. Choose one, lose the other. #Pitmad #MG

Denise Drespling @denisedrespling
No first love is simple, but Claire's crush takes complicated to a whole new level… He’s dead.  #YA #PitMad

Dora Mitchell @inky_beast
Can a middle school misfit save his town from a murderous businessman & a black magic conspiracy? JOHN BELLAIRS meets BUFFY #PitMad #MG

 Too-smart-for-his-own-good kid must save town from a murderous businessman & a black magic conspiracy. JOHN BELLAIRS meets BUFFY #PitMad #MG

 A misfit kid must save his town from a murderous businessman & a black magic conspiracy. JOHN BELLAIRS meets BUFFY #PitMad #MG

 In town plagued by grave robbers, ghosts & escaped killer snakes...12yo Spaulding Meriwether's still the weirdest thing around #PitMad #MG

Dottie D @DottieD126
When a giant rat with crazy powers threatens to destroy his new home, 12yo runaway Cody’s got some exterminating to do. #MG #PitMad

E. R. Catalano @ercatalano
A girl makes a deal with God to become Nancy Drew in order to save her brother's life. #pitmad

Gabrielle K Byrne @GKByrne
Abandoned 12yo befriends swamp ghosts, buck-shot dog and irritating cousin to protect Grandma against a necromancer she hired online.#pitmad

Jacqueline Yeager @JackieYeager
Kia dreams of winning Golden Light Bulb & training at Inventor’s Prep. Her invention must solve the Piedmont Task to win spot. #MG #pitmad

Spunky Kia has thought up 67 inventions. If she can’t win Nat'l competition, she won’t be allowed to build them. Spec. Fiction. #pitmad #MG

Jennifer Chushcoff @byjenn
A Victorian 12 y.o. hunts down an airship carnival full of her father's creations and learns of her resurrection in LAST MONSTER. #PitMad

jennifer l hawes @jennifer_hawes
Monster House + The Goonies = 13yo Kip must solve a 13yo crime to collect the reward $ or risk losing his best friend forever #MG #pitmad

Jennifer Swanson @JenSwanBooks
Girl  detectives must track missing diamond swallowed by pet duck.Use flying frogs&smelly dog food to foil thieves  #pitmad

Jeri Baird @jeribaird11
#MG Spunky, spinach loving 10yo Ella is offered her dream of hosting a TV cooking show and finds being a celebrity isn’t easy peasy #PitMad

Jessie Oliveros @JessieOliveros
Liza tries to stop a high seas heist on her daddy's ship and prove aunt's boyf is jewel thief. Love Boat mts. Harriet the Spy. #Pitmad #MG

J. L. Stovall @jlstovall4
#pitmad #MG Deadly Bandits. Sky-High Force Fields. Mutated Beasts. 11 yo kids unravel clues to save millions. Mad Max meets Ender's Game

Joseph Miller @JosephDMMiller
When 11yo Avery learns everything from Oz to Wonderland exists, he must thwart the Wicked Witch of the Midwest or become her slave. #PitMad

Julie Artz @julieartz
12yo Elias journeys solo through rugged Andalusia to prove himself, save his village, and find answers. Hatchet meets The Giver.

Kaitlyn S. Patterson @ksagepatterson
When 11YO Wren is kidnapped by the Sìdhe she must learn to control her wild magic to save herself & her newly discovered family. #mg

11YO Wren is kidnapped & as she learns to use her magic, she must choose to save her cold mother or her newly discovered family. #pitmad #mg

Kendra Young @KendraLYoung
Oliver must fix a faulty ghost machine before it can destroy his town & favorite ghost-girl. Graveyard Book meets Frighteners. #PITMAD #MG

Oliver must fix a broken ghost machine before his town & his favorite ghostgirl are destroyed. Graveyard Book meets Frighteners #PITMAD

KimLong @TheSol23
Sadie is sick of Wishes and her Wisher sister Becca, but when Becca is accused of a bad Wish, Sadie risks kid jail to save her #PitMad #MG

Klock @blueoklock
When Emily finds the words KILL KYLE carved into her toast, she must banish a ghost before it murders her friend.  #Horror #PitMad #MG

#PitMad #Horror #MG When a ghost haunts Emily's farmhouse, she must banish it before it pushes her friend into a bonfire

Laurel Decher @LaurelDecher
12 yo Tuscan girl & stolen relic must get to Constantinople to clear her Papa's name or his old enemy will be her new guardian. #MG #PitMad

Lea Dickson @cobalt714
14yo Riley has no memory and everyone in town ignores her, except the ghost girl. Is she dead too? Supernatural #MG #pitmad

Lizzie Cooke @lizziecwriter
Whimsical adventures abound when Edward meets Cordelia, a girl who brings out the magic in everyday life. PhantomT + BridgeToT. #PitMad #MG

Marina J. Lostetter @MarinaLostetter
Adventure.  Set in castle that engulfs the entire planet, it's TUESDAYS AT THE CASTEL meets THE MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY. #PitMad

MaryAnne Locher @MaryAnneLocher
Moving during 5th grade-tough. Finding out Grandpa is a selkie-tougher. Discovering you have magic powers-priceless. #MG #PitMad

Megan Reyes @MReyesWrites
Being the heir to an evil kingdom has its perks but living up to dad's expectations may leave Drew shoveling dragon poo for life #pitmad #MG

MeLeesa Swann @MeLeesaSwann
Lex isn't sure which is harder: risking her life to protect mythical creatures or dealing with the reality of being a 12YO girl. #pitmad #MG

Mel Stephenson @paintandwords
Coraline meets CS Lewis's Snow Queen: To save her dog, Lily plays a dangerous game against a queen who refuses to lose. #mg #PitMad

Trapped inside a snow globe, Lily must win her freedom or become the prize—the queen's devoted daughter, unhappily ever after. #PITMAD #MG

Michelle Hulse @MichelleHulse
11yo Sylvie has Arya Stark’s attitude & zero patience for Narnia nonsense. She battles a Raven Queen to save her sister. #PitMad

Doting goblins. A terrifying Raven Queen. A judgmental fox. An evasive druid. Sylvie’s definitely not in the campground anymore. #MG

Sylvie follows a fox off the trails, then must hunt down a Raven Queen to save her sister and find a way back to their RV. #PitMad #MG #F

Mike Hays @coachhays64
13yo Ellis unites wacky residents of a retirement home to rescue his #1 rival (a girl) kidnapped by a possessed dance teacher. #MG #PitMad

Mindy Alyse Weiss @MindyAlyseWeiss
Dork Diaries meets Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing. A friend-challenged cartoonist must choose art camp or having a forever friend.

M.K. Willows @MKWillows
Bearlock Holmes and Donkey Watson, at your service!
Ready to solve any mystery, anywhere!
Watch out for Professor Ratiarty!
#pitmad #MG

Molly Shaffer @mrsshafferjms
#MG about a young boy's science project gone horrifically, humorously wrong. THE HOPPING DEAD #SpecFic #pitmad + #Edu #GMO

 When 12 yo Sean Stevens science project hops out of control, he must find the courage to save his town from THE HOPPING DEAD. #MG #pitmad

Patrick Schultz @Patrick_J_S
#MG It's tough getting through school when the bullies wield swords instead of wedgies. MYTHACA   #PitMad

Pete Catalano @Pete_Catalano
Fish out of water 6th Graders in GUYS + DOLLS must stop badguys robbing Box Office on Opening Night. Goonies meet Wet Bandits  #mg #pitmad

 6th Grade Baseball players forced to do GUYS + DOLLS summer theater, must outsmart bad guys robbing Box Office on Opening Night. #mg #pitmad

 13yo Luke discovers his cell phone grants wishes. But w/ AutoCorrect, even the simplest wish can have catastrophic consequences. #MG #pitmad

 I wish I had a . . . Dang you AutoCorrect!
13yo Luke's cell phone grants wishes. With AutoCorrect even a simple wish . . .
#mg #pitmad

 When bad guys foreclose on a family bookstore's building, 13yo Dom + friends follow clues to find where grandpa hid the deed. #mg #pitmad

Rebecca @rebeccasmallen
When sunglasses turn classmates into avatars, Jared gets his game on. But the game gets too real when people start to vanish. #pitmad #MG

R.W. Keys @rwkeys
#MG #PitMad Atlas Winston has a secret. He's not like the other superhero kids at camp. Can he survive a summer of danger... with no powers?

Sara Legatt @saralegatt
5th grade class fails standardized test en masse to have a little fun, not to start a nat. mov't. Too late now.  #MG #PitMad

Sean Lamb @slamb05
Middle-Schooler’s Guide to True Love memoir must save 12yo Romantic’s parents’ marriage. Nemesis and Dream Girl sidetrack him #MG #PitMad

12yo romantic believes in love and happy endings, until parents’ marriage wavers. His Guide to True Love memoir must save family #MG #PitMad

Sean Steinle @SeanSteinle
An art heist. A sleepwalking 11yo and a ghoul who wants to eat her. Pen must get her sleuth on in Zurich or become dinner. #pitmad #MG

Shannara Johnson @shannara13
What if you found out that your life’s been a lie, that Grandma is a monster-fighting warrior, and G-G-G-grandpa’s totally evil? #PitMad #MG

Shari Schwarz @csschwarz
In THE LEDGE 13yo survivalist Bryce sets off on backpacking trip, has tragic climbing accident & must choose—life or afterlife. #PitMad #MG

While backpacking, competitive brothers, Jack and Bryce must learn to work together to survive and overcome a family secret #PitMad #MG Adv.

Sharon Nicolary @SharonNicolary
13yo Lucy finds out she's a gypsy & can see people's memories. The first one she sees--her great-grandma in Nazi Germany. #pitmad #MG

Shellie Braeuner @ShellieBr
Can a mix of cameras, roses, white socialites & Black housekeepers show 11yo Liz why women need the 19th amendment in 1920? #pitmad #MG h/f

Can 11yo Liz combine a camera, white socialites & black housekeepers to hep women ear the right to vote in 1920? #PitMad #MG hist fiction.

SweetTooth @OneSweetWriter
Tony wants a new image for middle school. Can dark-eyed Mara and her secret Dare Club make his best or worst dreams come true? #MG #PitMad

Tammy Gibaud writer @thejourneyserie
Being a cool kid in the city has its perks & its dangers if you upset the local gang. Troy must become a Warrior to survive #pitmad #mg

Tiffany Brown @TiffanyRBrown
What does it feels like to return to sixth grade with a quarter of your brain removed? 11yo April says it's exhausticating. #mg #PitMad

Her name is April June March and if your brain stumbled, you had a glimpse of what an epileptic seizure feels like for her. #pitmad

Tiffany Parks @ThePinesOfRome
In Rome, 12yo Beatrice must decipher ancient clues to save a stolen Bernini sculpture & herself. Mixed-Up Files meets Dan Brown. #pitmad #MG

12yo Beatrice is on a mission to stop an art thief who’s after Rome’s greatest treasures—too bad her only clues are 400 yrs old. #pitmad #MG

Tonia @WritesStories
Alice Johnson wanted to be brave like his dad. It was the only way he could defeat the monsters living in the woods. #PitMad #MG #Horror

Valerie R Lawson @litbeing
Locked in museum overnight boy witnesses crime no one believes. Must overcome deepest fears find courage & solve mystery himself. MG

Yamile Saied Mendez @YamileSMendez
A Latina classical ballerina betrayed by BFF and anxiety tries to find healing in the world of competitive Irish dancing. #pitmad #MG

Yellow Inkling @yellowinkling
 MG In a small town, a 12yo girl must protect her gender-bending younger brother or risk losing the only home they've ever known.

 In a small town, 12yo girl must protect her gender-bending younger brother or risk losing the only home they've ever known #PitMad MG LGBT

Picture Books

ali bovis @alibovis
SKIPPYJON JONES: UP AND DOWN meets COOKIES WEEK. Silly and messy early #PB of opposites. THE LIZARD IN THE MAILBOX #PitMad

amy duchene @amydishes
Greedy Seattle seagull steals lunches. Based on true events. #thatbirdstolemysandwich #pb #PitMad

Ana Crespo @AnaCrespoBooks
Mico's heart beats Jazz, but everyone around him loves Samba. So, Mico silences his heart, until a stronger heartbeat escapes... #PitMad #PB

Blanche Baxter @BlancheBax
GIVE THE DRUMMER SOME, A little girl loves a booming drum. Other drummers hear the call and sounds of music fuel them all. #pitmad

Camille Andros @camdros
When the Little Dress loses her Little Girl at Ellis Island, she must be found or they will be lost to each other forever. #PB

Chris Leste-Lasserre @christalestelas
 Bodie's World Champion trophies are nothing compared to the love he finds in his little Carrot Girl. #pitmad #pb

Delfina Salimbene @DelSalimbene
 Stained glass cracks, flowers wilt, and boats capsize as Louise and Grand-père cross Paris with the city's stinkiest cheeses. #PitMad #PB

Donna Rossman @RossmanDonna
 Told she can't sleep with a stuffed animal due to allergies, Dee comes up with a unique creature, All Washable and just right #PB #pitmad

Emily K Reed @EmilyReedAuthor
 Lonesome alligator fashionista has fondness for high-heels, befriends another who has strange affection for neckties. #PitMad #PB

Heather @HLWampler
Nat has a special gift. She can jump into books. When she visits Cinderella she finds out even the classics can be exciting. #pitmad #pb

Jason Perkins @antiplayer
Imagine 5year old JackSparrow, raised by ninjas, causing a ruckus on his 1st day of ninjagarten.Barnabas stars in The Noisy Ninja #Pitmad#PB

Jennifer DuBose @Jennifer_DuBose
What happens when a boy is told not to draw outside the lines? H & PURPLE CRAYON meets WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE 259 #PB DREW DRAWS #pitmad

Jennifer Reinharz @Redsaidwhatblog
Tool belt toting Willa pops her balloon and tries to fix it using junk drawer tools; where there’s a Willa there’s a way.

 #PitMad #PB After helping his New York, Jewish aunt carve a mezuzah Danny, a Mozambique mission kid learns their relationship is like one.

Jim Cantwell @jim_cantwell
#PitMad The teapot and the trumpet #pb a story kids will love about making friends and following your dreams who doesn't love a dancing bear

Kim MacPherson @KidLitDish
This snooty cat thinks he’s all that. A ninja, a tiger, a spy… But a-- FFFFT-MEOW—“Stinkfoot”?  Oh no, THAT name will not work. #PitMad #PB

Kirsten Bock @kpbock
Jonah discovers blocks washing up on shore and sets out for adventure. Harold and the Purple Crayon meets the Lego Movie #pitmad #PB

Laya Steinberg @layasteinberg
59 BEARDS: A kid’s fascination with facial hair leads to crazy attempts to grow, make, or fake a beard. #PitMad #PB

Margaret Greanias @MargaretGreania
When Maya’s sister ditches her for a new friend, Maya uses her mad science skills to replace her with a Frankenstein. #PitMad #PB

Nicole Zoltack @NicoleZoltack
May hugs everything, but hugging a rainbow doesn't work and Mom won't let her hug an octopus. Can she find the perfect hug? #Pitmad #PB

Niki Masse Schoenfel @nikiofware
Little Bram Stoker built a snowman. Instead of conrncob pipe & button nose this guy’s got icicle fangs & doesn’t cast a shadow! #pitmad #pb

Rachel Stevenson @whatshewrote
An aspiring little scientist must stop her newest invention's obsession with eating everything in her room #PB #pitmad

Rosie Somers @ProsyRosie
Wordsmiths: an evil librarian has released all the words from books. Martin and his friends must catch and put them back. 260wd

Shar Mohr @ideas4sale
Julie Yen and her sous chef pug, Bento cook up a diverse and delicious alphabet at her family restaurant, Souffle & Sushi. #PitMad #PB

Shari Schwarz @csschwarz
#WeNeedDiverseBooks For 7yo Kate, not having real legs isn't a big deal. Learning to skateboard is! Determination is everything #PB #PitMad

Skye Lane @Skyelanewriter
Polit. incorrect bear shares spiritual guidance in #PB for all.Jon Livingston Seagull meets Paddington Bear meets Mahatma Ghandi #pitmad

Terry Hunt @terry_a_hunt
Something magical fell during the blizzard. Maura believes it is a tiny slip of sky. She’ll do anything to make it her own. #PitMad #PB

Non Fiction & Memoir

Alana Saltz @alanasaltz
A creative & sensitive 15 yo girl lands in a psychiatric hospital and must figure out who she is beneath the drugs & diagnoses. #Pitmad #NF

A modern day "Girl, Interrupted" set in UCLA's adolescent psych ward in 2003. And it’s a true story. #PitMad #ya #nf

Alicia de los Reyes @likesoatmeal
liberal feminist hangs out with evangelical Christians for a year, makes friends. chapter in @Sojourners: http://tinyurl.com/mtpqzxz  #pitmad #NF

Aneta Cruz @AnetaCruz
PAPER BOATS. A young girl's journey from Communist Czechoslovakia to America, started with an ugly Mickey Mouse sweater. #pitmad #NF

Gerry Moylan @gmoylan
After taking himself off American Airlines Flight 11 Gerry assumes he got lucky and life will return to normal. He will be wrong #PitMad #NF

#PITMAD #NF In RETAIN THIS RECEIPT THROUGHOUT YOUR JOURNEY a man struggles to find his way back to life after he switches flights on 9/11

Kim Zachman @KZachman
There's No Ham in Hamburgers: Folklore and Facts About Our Favorite Foods. #MG #NF #PitMad

tim todd @todd_tim
Speed and death on tracks built from wood at the dawn of America’s love affair with the automobile: Auto racing 1920-21 #PitMad #Hist #NF

Vivian Kirkfield @viviankirkfield
Margret Rey was a no-nonsense, no monkey business gal - so what made her create a character like Curious George? #NF #pb #pitmad

Again, congrats to all those who got requests! And please don't hesitate to let me know if you catch any errors on this page!


  1. Thank you so much for compiling this list! It was very helpful to read the pitches from the last #PitMad party when preparing pitches for this one. And then 2 of my pitches received 3 favorites, YEAH! It's so cool to see my name on the above list. Thanks again :)

  2. Thanks, Carissa. It's great to be able to look over the list and review all the attention-grabbing pitches. Mine was in (a lot of) good company! :)

  3. Hi, Carissa. I wasn't on your list. My YA was favorite by Laura Zats. This was my pitch: Murder, espionage and being held hostage were not part of Dru’s London itinerary. Neither was being kissed by Darcy. #PitMad #YA #Thriller

    Thanks for posting all the pitches!

    Debra Daugherty

  4. This is a fantastic list. Thank you!

  5. This list is amazing. I mean... WOW!! How long did it take you to compile this? Thanks for taking the time. It was really cool to see all the MG pitches together like this. Thanks again, and super kudos to you!



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