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Where to Find CPs and Beta Readers

Whether you've just started your first novel, or you're writing your twentieth, one of the first things you'll need, is someone to read and critique your manuscript.

Preferably several someones ;)

In this post, I won't go into the differences between a beta reader and a critique partner and their roles, or discuss how to make sure you're finding the *right* reader, with the right crit style for your needs. Those things are incredibly important, so do some brushing up on that if you haven't already. Here, I'll just assume you're aware of all the ins-and-outs of critting, and cut to the chase:

Where do you find critique partners and beta readers? 

Online Groups and Forums:

Maggie Stiefvater's Critique Partner Google Group:
A place to post details about your project and find potential crit partners.

Nathan Bransford Critique Partner Forums:
Find a critique partner, or share excerpts of your work for on-site critting.

Janice Hardy's Critique Connection Yahoo Group:
A space designed to find long-term crit partners and groups. This is a private group, but welcomes new members, especially in January and July. You'll need to request access.

Write On Con Critique Partner Match:
The 2019 WriteOnCon Conference posted a forum for writers to advertise for a CP or beta reader.

Susan Dennard's Critique Partner Meetup:
Comment on the post with the details about your project, and/or broswe the previous comments to find a potential CP. Though the original post was in 2017, there are some fairly recent entries.

Reddit YA Critique Partner Hookups

AQ Connect - Wanted Ads
Post a "Wanted Ad" for a critique partner or reader

Absolute Write - Beta Readers, Mentors, and Writing Buddies
Add yourself as a Willing Beta Reader, post a request for a beta, or respond to another's request for a swap! You can also Share Your Work directly.


Facebook Groups:

Write Type CP Match

Sub It Club Critique Partner Matchup


Goodreads Groups:

Beta Reader Group

Beta / Proof Readers

First Readers (Beta Readers)

The Circle

Crit Partner Connection Events:

#CPMatch Twitter Parties:
Once or twice a year, you can pitch your book on the #CPMatch hashtag on Twitter and try to match up with someone else looking for a reader. Megan Lally hosts the event and has some great tips and secondary hashtags you might use to help you find exactly the reader you need!

Writers Block Party Critique Partner Matchup:
Comment on the blog with your MS details, and browse the previous comments to see if you can find a good potential CP!  2019 CP Matchup // 2018 CP Matchup

Publishing Crawl Critique Partner Connection:
Although initiated in 2016, the comments section of this post still has some recent entries of folks looking for a CP. Post your request or reply to another to find someone to swap with.

These matchmakers will help match you

The details below may be a bit out of date, as they come from the original post, made in 2013:

Original 2013 Post -- Author Crit Connection:

Over the past month we've read so many great pitches and first 250s from our fellow authors. I know I, for one, have fallen in love with so many of the entries I've seen. As Cupid's Blind Speed Dating and MSFV February Secret Agent come to a close, let's keep fun going!

Step 1: Add yourself to the
CP Matchmaking table >> HERE.

You can add a row for each WIP you're looking for crits for!!                                   
  • Include as much or as little info as you like -- Just make sure your fellow writers have some way to contact you if they feel like they might be a good CP match!
    then ...
Step 2: Read the entries below
(Note: Your entry may take 5-10 minutes to appear)

  • If you find a potential match, contact them and exchange a few pages!
  • Learn about each others' crit styles. What do you want? What do they want? Long term/short term CP? Pep-talk partner? Hardcore critter? Grammar-freak? Test the waters. See if you think you'll be a good match! If it doesn't work out, it's OK to bow out! If you find your match, YAY!
    • Scroll vertically to see more entries! // Scroll horizontally to see all the info for each entry!

Can't find your match yet? Check back in a few days/weeks to see who else has signed up and is looking for a CP!

Also, there are LOTS of other places to find the perfect CP.
(I just love spreadsheets)

Other Critique Partner / Beta Matchmaking Sites:

Absolute Write Willing Beta Readers
CP Matchmaker
How About We CP?
Kidlit's Critique Connections
NaNoWriMo: Critiques, Feedback, and Novel Swaps
Miss Snark's First Victim CP Dating Service
Maggie Stiefvater
Ladies Who Critique
Nathan Bransford CP Forum
 ... More links at Janice Hardy's Other Side of the Story

Finding the right CP : Different Critiquing Styles
We're all at different points in our writing journey, and we all have different styles when it comes to critiquing. Some of us need more encouragement. Some need more push to excel. Some of us are stronger at plot and pacing, some at character development. Not everyone will be an ideal CP for you. So how do we find that perfect match?

Lessons from a Beta Reader -- (My Blog : )
Why I Won't Beta your MS (and Why I Will) -- Daily Dahlia
10 Worst Types of Crit Partners -- (Writer's Digest)
How (Not) to be an awesome CP -- (Writability)
Why A Crit Partner? / Types of Crit Partners -- (Beth Revis on Goodreads)
What Do Writers Want from Beta Readers -- (Absolute Write Thread)
How to Be a good Critique Partner -- (Liana Brooks)
Five Reasons your CP May Be Toxic -- (Writer Unboxed)
Why a Critique Relationship is Crucial for Better Writing -- (Write To Done)
What Makes a Good Crit Buddy?
Being a good Beta -- (YA Highway)

How to Critique: Tips for Critters / Beta -ers
Not sure how to crtique and/or beta read? Here are some resources to get you started:

Checklist for Critiquing
Critique Checklist -- (YA Muses)
It's All in the Way You Say It -- (Query Tracker)
A Checklist for Critiquing Science Fiction - (SFWA)
Types of Editing -- (Word Cafe)
You Know What Your Problem is?
Different Crit Types for Different Drafts! -- (Janice Hardy)

How to Beta Read -- (Corrine Jackson)
The Art of Critiquing -- (Lisa Desrochers)
Being Detailed in Critiques -- (Query Tracker)

    --- More great links to Beta / Critique Resources at YA Highway

CP Etiquette: Tips & Techniques
Still learning the proper etiquette of the critique? Here are some great links:

It's All in the Way You Say it -- (Query Tracker)
CP Typology: Are You an Ideal CP? -- (Sarah Ockler)
Giving and Taking: All About Being a Good CP -- (Aussie Owned & Read)
10 Commandments for Editing Someone Else's Work -- (Nathan Bransford)
Giving & Taking -- All About Being a Good CP -- (Aussie Owned & Read)
The Beta Band -- (Magpie Writes)
Critique Partner Advice Posts -- (YA Stands)
How to Rock Beta-Reading -- (Melanie Conklin)
How to Constructively Critique Writing -- (JS Clark)
How to Be a good Critique Partner -- (Liana Brooks)
Critique Etiquette -- (Iain Broome)
    --- More great links to Beta / Critique Resources at YA Highway

Encouragement for those Receiving Critiques

On Getting Back Up -- (The Writing Life)
Handling Critiques without Getting Defensive -- (Query Tracker)
Unnecessary Shame writers feel when Getting Feedback -- Jody Hedlund
Seek to Critique ... and Banish Critiquing Doubts -- Strands of Pattern
Someone Will Dislike Your Novel -- (Writing Novels in Australia)
3 Important Critique Tips -- Writability
Listen to Me -- (Janice Hardy)

What about you?

Where are your favorite places to find beta readers or critique partners?
Tips for a successful beta or CP experience? Lessons learned?
Other  great resources?


  1. Hey Carissa! Thanks SO much for hosting this--it's a great idea and I'd love to find a CP :D

  2. What a great resource! Thanks for sharing, Carissa. :)

  3. What a great idea. Honestly, I only have a couple crit partners, and I've had a long friendship with them. Entirely online, mind you, but I consider them friends. I'm not entirely sure how we met.


  4. This sounds great! I applied to enter the spreadsheet.

  5. Thanks for sharing my tips! This is an AMAZING list you've put together. :)



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