Thursday, August 4, 2011

Book Recommendation: Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos

Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos
R.L. LaFevers

Pages: 344
Ages: 8+

Theodosia's mum has the terrible habit of bringing back all sorts of dreadfully cursed artifacts from her digs in Egypt. Mostly they're just laced with minor demons or creepy dark things that come out at night. But some are worse. Armed only with her carpetbag of scrabbled together 'curse-removing supplies,' Theo must find out who stole the Heart of Egypt before Britain finds itself swarming with a sea of locusts. But stealth is the key. Cabbagey Clive Fagenbush already suspects she's up to something, and if her father knew what she was doing, she'd get shipped off to boarding school, or worse: Grandmother's.

I gobbled this book up. I adored Theo. She's sassy, snarky, begrudingly adventurous, and a little too smart for her own good. A bit bookish and awkward for her age, but full of determination and caring,  with a strong devotion to her parents - despite their absent-mindedness and preoccupation with excavations, and deciphering tablets, and other museum matters. Plus she has a carpet-bag with 'curse-removing supplies' !!! I mean need I say more?? My only complaint was that it was over too quickly, and I'm not quite sure how the bad guys slipped through her fingers, but with almost four other books in the series, I will happily let that slide. Right up there with Terry Prachett's Hat full of Sky series in my book - and that's saying a lot!

Note: Best read with a plateful of jam sandwiches. And a napkin.

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