Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Round 2 - fight fight!

Ok, not sure why Street Fighter suddenly popped into my mind. Perhaps its the the caffeine overage. Anyhow. I haven't written on here in forever because I have been working madly to finish draft two of my book. I am proud to say that it is finally finished and 46 pages shorter than draft one, which is great. It still needs to be cut by about 9,000 words, however, but that task will happen after my lovely round two readers have at it.

I'm realizing that next go-around I think I need to start editing about halfway through. I spent a lot of time reworking to first chapters, and felt really great about it, but by the time I got around to about chapter 10, I started getting a mite tired of the editing process. So I'm hoping those final chapters came out ok. Granted, I think the end of the book was better written to begin with, but still, I was perhaps a teeny tiny bit lazy. Or a lot lazy. Only time will tell.

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