Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Book Recommendation: The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins
Suzanne Collins
Pages: 384
Ages: 14+

Katniss did everything she could to keep her sister's name from getting chosen for the Games. But it wasn't enough. So when despite all odds, her name is called, Katniss jumps in to take her place, knowing exactly what this means - that she'll never return home from the Games alive.
No one from District 12 ever does. 

Suzanne Collin's Hunger Games was, in a word, terrifying. I couldn't put it down. Her writing was vivid, unsettling, and heart-wrenching. I mean who can make you tear up about a character by page 20? A frighteningly good writer that's who. You are immediately caught up in Katniss' world, her repression of emotion, her desperate struggle to save her family, her cool, calculated strategizing in the horror of the arena. You ride her roller-coaster of uncertainty about Peeta and his loyalty, her confusion about their true feelings for one another, and her constant, thinly repressed fear of being caught in her tree-top hideouts or ambushed while seeking the arena's most precious resource - water. Even days after reading this book I find myself glancing surreptitiously over my shoulder in case someone's coming. After all, in the arena, who can you trust?

Things to fear are force-fed to us every day, in the headlines, in Facebook posts, on the nightly news. So there is a part of me that wonders why it would be a good idea to introduce more fear into young readers lives.  But unlike many of the other sources of fear messages, Collins forces you to think critically about fear, human nature, and to wonder what humanity, at its core, is really about.

Website of Suzanne Collins.

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