Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 Non-Bookish Blogs/Sites

This week's Top 10 topic was a bit of a stretch for me. I'm super lame and with the exception of an apparently incurable obsession with Pinterest, I really don't browse the internet for fun all that much. I don't even get on Facebook unless I have to. I know, *gasp* right? Which is why I'm super excited to see what all of you have put for the Broke and the Bookish's Top 10 this week. Maybe I'll get some procrastination inspiration!

Top 10 Blogs/Sites that aren't about Books:
Now, I also excluded myself from including blogs about writing books because I figured (a) that is cheating and (b) they would take over the whole list.

Just For Fun
These are my go-tos when I need a little dose of fun. Or just a little more bizarrity in my life.

PhD Comics
Sometimes these comics portray my life a little too accurately. But in a strange way it does help to know that all around the globe, fellow grad students are laughing at my/our plight.

This is one of my new bloggy faves. The stuff on here is just so awesomely all over the place. For example, did you know that Nestle owns Ralph Lauren? That some people make chairs out of magnets, plastic and iron filings? Or perhaps you've really been wanting an origami ukulele kit?

So I don't often click on reddit posts, but they're is fun to keep on my igoogle page, if even just to see the  currently trending titles.

I know it looks like a book.
It is, but it's also a blog!
Ok, these sound all newsy and "educational", which usually means boring ... but really I do love them. Even Google Scholar, which I've been spending far too much time with lately due to my hideous lit review.

"Which is more dangerous, a gun or a swimming pool? What do schoolteachers and sumo wrestlers have in common? Why do drug dealers still live with their moms? How much do parents really matter? How did the legalization of abortion affect the rate of violent crime?" 
-- find out on this blog/in the book

A great blog from the NY times with all sorts of breakdowns of economic/sociological/psychological phenomena.

My favorite news site ever!

Google Scholar
Oh darling Google Scholar. I can hardly remember the days before you were an ever-open tab on my browser. Now, there's always one more peer-reviewed journal article that needs reading.

I also like to make things out of other things. Preferably involving twigs, yarn, paints, fabric, old clothing, or all five.

You knew it was coming, I mean who doesn't have Pinterest on their list this week? If they don't, they're lying. We all know they spend at least 4 hours a day on there pinning and re-pinning away.
I guess it's also cheating that I put this on here, because I do use this to collect images to inspire my WIPs. But I'm ok with cheating. I mean it's Pinterest.

Oh She Glows
So I love finding new recipes, particularly vegan ones, and this girl is the queen of veganizing. Love her concoctions. Also check out Bryant Terry!

This site is a great source of inspiration for all things handmade. And if you want to see some really cute wool ornaments/toys, check out my friend's site: Bossy Feltworks. Also for awesome vintage, you should drop by Meat Market Vintage ... they used to have an Etsy, but now it looks like they're flying solo!

** I also suspect that tumblr will be making a stronger appearance in my life in the near future.

What are your favorite non book related blogs/websites?


  1. PhDComics is seriously funny. I don't check it out much anymore, but through grad school it was a daily.

  2. Ooh I have a Pinterest - we should follow each other --> http://pinterest.com/thecatspjamas/

    I haven't heard of many of these websites (well, Pinterest, Google Scholar and NPR, besides); thanks for sharing, Carissa! :-)

  3. I loooove Pinterest. It's so easy to get lost on there!

  4. I almost had "Oh She Glows" on my list, too!

    Ah, Pinterest... I follow you now. :)

  5. I'm going to have to check some of these out--thanks for sharing!!

  6. I forgot to include Esty on mine, love that site! And I love NPR as well:) Some of your other sites are new to me, but I will definitely be checking them out:)

  7. Fantastic list with many I'll be checking out. And thanks for reminding me - I've been meaning to set up some WIP boards on Pinterest! :-)



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