Thursday, October 20, 2011

Round Three

Dear blog: I have not written to you for some time because I have been editing editing editing. And, on the side, data collection for my dissertation. Or something like that.

I have been desperately trying to get my story down to a reasonable word count. Read: under 100,000. Doing this can be very very difficult - especially when there are all sorts of scenes that I wanted to add. But last night I did it! Down to 99,499 words and counting. Still three chapters left to edit!

When editing, you often find some interesting things that you've inadvertently done with your story. Named two characters the same name, tossed characters into the middle of scenes when they weren't originally there. That kind of thing. And then there are the typos. My favorite typo today had resulted in my main character developing multiple stomachs in Chapter 20. Girl-cow ... Edgy? Maybe? ... I considered turning it into some sort of commentary on GMOs in the U.S. today, but I ultimately decided against it. It would have put me over my word count.

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